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Sarah Berger

05 April 2013

A tribute to Sarah Berger, a dedicated WDM campaigner and member of the Brighton and Hove WDM group, who passed away recently following a long battle with cancer.

Local papers highlight food speculation

05 April 2013

During the last couple of weeks WDM supporters from all over the country have written to their local newspapers as part of the Bankers Anonymous campaign.

Take the Occupy tour of the City of London this Saturday

02 April 2013

Dan Iles suggests a city tour with an activist twist to add to your weekend plans 

WDM joins Black Activists Rising Against Cuts with the launch of MLK 50

15 March 2013

This week I was proud to represent WDM at the launch of MLK50 at the House of Commons. MLK50 is an initiative in response to the cuts to, and privatisation of, our public services that has been driven by the neoliberal ideology of the Con-Dem government. 

Africa: Growing concerns

11 March 2013

Economic growth rates in many African countries have soared in recent years. But real development is still sorely lacking argues Rick Rowden in this guest post for our blog

What a racket

01 March 2013

Argentina has been battling vulture funds for over a decade from profiteering from its 2001 debt crisis. Jubilee Debt Campaign demonstrated to draw attention to a New York court case which will determine the outcome of an appeal against a $1.3 billion judgement for vulture fund NML Capital.

Diverting aid to military spending ignores the link between poverty and conflict

21 February 2013

Cameron’s announcement today that some of the aid budget should be diverted to peace-keeping should come as no surprise. After the multi-lateral aid review was completed two years ago, the direction was written on the wall, as the World Development Movement pointed out at the time.

Life and debt in Thessaloniki

19 February 2013

Yesterday was the end of a European conference against debt and austerity being held in Thessaloniki, Greece.

A new year's revolution

05 February 2013

At 11.34am on Tuesday 22 January, more than 260,000 of us who had campaigned for a radical Robin Hood tax had big news: we had won.

Time for a food revolution

31 January 2013

A guest blog by Kate Griffin from Oxford WDM.

If the world produces enough food to feed everybody, how come hundreds of millions of people don’t get enough to eat? Last night’s film screening made it clear that the problem is with food distribution rather than production.

Vedanta: the world's most hated company?

16 January 2013

When the Independent referred to FTSE 100 company Vedanta Resources as the world’s most hated company, it wasn’t joking. Two and half years and later, the mining company is still sparking protests on several continents over its human rights abuses and environmentally destructive operations.

Doha climate talks: Scotland's contribution

05 December 2012

Last week, WDM’s press officer Miriam Ross blogged about an issue high on the agenda at the UN climate change talks in Doha: climate finance, or more specifically, the lack of it. Rich countries are spectacularly failing to cough up the money they promised to help poor communities in the global south adapt to the damage caused by climate change.