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Blood for silver, blood for gold: The assassination of Bernardo Vásquez

23 March 2012

Guest post by Jonathan Treat

Bernardo Vásquez was the second anti-mining activist to be shot dead in Oaxaca in the past two months. Three others at the scene of the assassination of Vasquez were also shot and remain in serious condition.

"One thing is clear: this was a political hit. Bernardo was murdered because he dared to speak out." (Dawn Paley)

Use a WDM image for your Facebook timeline cover

16 March 2012

Facebook timeline is here. Show your support for the World Development Movement by using one of our specially designed Facebook timeline covers. 

Rio+20: the financialisation of nature

14 March 2012

Guest post James Angel, used to be campaigns and policy intern

We might have hoped that the 2008 financial crash would have presented us with an opportunity to rethink the power and influence that the financial sector has amassed since its deregulation in the 1970s. But, far from this, since the crash we’ve seen ever-increasing financialisation.

Virtually #occupy the World Water Forum!

12 March 2012

Guest post by Meera Karunananthan, The Council of Canadians

The Council of Canadians, Food and Water Watch and Focus on the Global South invite you to virtually Occupy the World Water Forum – a corporate trade show aimed at giving the world’s largest water multinationals privileged access to high-level policy making behind closed doors.

Working towards a fairer food system

09 March 2012

Guest post by Homaira Abdullah, used to be activism and events intern

As we come to the end of Fairtrade Fortnight, we have a chance to reflect on what Fairtrade has achieved and how it fits into the wider narrative of food sovereignty.

Move Your Money Month begins – pledge to move your money

01 March 2012

Guest post from the Move Your Money campaign

On-going bonus culture, failing to meet lending targets to small business and increasing customer complaints has been the narrative for the exasperated public this February. Post the financial crisis, behaviour in the city hasn’t changed and it’s high time something was done about it.  

The Greek 'bail-out' as illustrated by Ben Jennings

01 March 2012

In what is essentially a return to 1990s style structural adjustment, the Greek government has this week been forced to cut the minimum wage by another 22%, pensions by another 13%, rewrite its constitution to prioritise debt repayment and sell off even more public companies in return for another EU 'bail out'. Here is cartoonist Ben Jennings' take on it.

What is happening to Greece is a repeat of the failed structural adjustment policies of the 1980s and 90s

21 February 2012

As Eurozone finance ministers sat down in Brussels to decide on Greece's future, across town a well-timed University of London conference was underway to try to learn lessons from Latin America's own debt crisis in the 1980s and '90s. Eurozone ministers would have done well to attend because what happened in Latin America three decades ago bears a striking resemblance to what is currently taking place in Europe.


BP and the greenest Olympic Games ever?

17 February 2012

The World Development Movement has signed an open letter sent today to the organisers of London 2012, asking them to reconsider the games’ sponsorship deal with BP.

Five great social movement posters from the walls of the WDM office

13 February 2012

If you've ever been to the World Development Movement's offices in South London, you'll know that our walls are covered in posters from various demonstrations, events and social movement struggles around the world. Earlier today I went around the office and photographed five of my favourites.

How to become a better citizen through dodging tax, causing hunger and financing climate change

10 February 2012

In his speech to the inaugural BBC Today business lecture in November last year, Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond argued that banks needed to rebuild the trust they had lost with the public. Bankers need to ‘become better citizens’, he said.

Do you agree that we need tax justice? Listen to Taxcast

08 February 2012

The Tax Justice Network has launched a new 15 minute monthly podcast service with the latest news, research and analysis of events in tax evasion, tax avoidance and the shadow banking system. TAXCAST producer Naomi Fowler explains why it's so important.