Letter to the Prime Minister calling for the UK to support an intellectual property waiver on Covid-19 vaccines and treatments
Image of the Letter to the Prime Minister

Letter to the Prime Minister calling for the UK to support an intellectual property waiver on Covid-19 vaccines and treatments

Image of the Letter to the Prime Minister

By: Joe Karp-Sawey
Date: 10 May 2021

Global Justice Now, STOPAIDS, and Just Treatment organised a letter from more than 400 academics, public health experts, civil society organisations, parliamentarians, unions, healthcare workers, and patients. The full text of the letter and list of signatories is included below.

Dear Prime Minister,

We are writing to you as academics, public health experts, parliamentarians, unions, faith leaders, healthcare workers, patients, Covid-19 survivors and civil society organisations to urge you to support the proposal to waive intellectual property rules on Covid-19 health technologies at the World Trade Organisation.

We warmly welcome the news that the Biden administration is now supportive of an intellectual property waiver to help scale up global vaccine production to produce safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines for all people, in all countries.

We now urge you to also re-consider the UK government’s opposition to this proposal that is supported by over 100 countries worldwide and is crucial towards ending this global pandemic and achieving worldwide immunity.

Action is profoundly urgent. New waves of Covid-19 are rising across the globe while epidemiologists warn that new mutations risk leaving current vaccines ineffective.

Together with sharing vaccine technologies and know-how through the Covid-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), this Waiver would allow more producers to get more vaccines made, and help save countless lives and livelihoods. We must learn the painful lessons from a history of unequal access in dealing with diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

We urge you to now provide the leadership to ensure an end to this global crisis. Defending intellectual property at all costs will not only lead to even more unnecessary loss of lives but is an unprecedented act of collective self-harm.

Please stand on the right side of history and ensure vaccines are available to everyone, everywhere – a ‘People’s Vaccine’ – by supporting the waiver proposal at the World Trade Organisation and the Covid-19 Technology Access Pool.

Yours sincerely,


Aidan O’Donnell, Senior Teaching Fellow, University Of Strathclyde

Alfredo Saad Filho, Professor and Head of Department of International Development, King’s College London

Alisa Gessler, Student, IHEID (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)

Andrew Phillips, Professor of Epidemiology, University College London

Andrew Watterson, Professor of Health, Public Health and Population Health Research Group, University of Stirling

Andrew Hayward, Director UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care,

Ann Phoenix, Professor, Thomas Coram Research Unit, University College London

Anna Purdie, Programme Manager, Global Health 50/50, University College London

Anne Mills, Professor, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Annegret Pelchen-Matthews, Researcher, University College London

Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann, Dr, University of Strathclyde

Aurelia Lepine, Associate Professor, University College London

Brook K. Baker, Professor, Northeastern U. School of Law

Chloe Orki, Professor of Medicine , Queen Mary University of London

Christina Pagel, Professor of Operational Research, University College London

Claire Walker, Funding Adviser, International Centre for Eye Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Clare Wenham, Associate Professor of Global Health Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Cristina Garcia-Mauriño Alcazar, MD, PhD Student, University College London

Daniella Watson, PHD student, University of Southampton

Danielle Solomon, Clinical Fellow, University College London

Danilo Mandic, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

Debs Gwynn, Teacher, National Education Union

Dena Kirpalani, researcher

Deniz Erdoğdu, Assoc Prof , MD, University of Health Sciences, Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Training and Research Hospital

Donatella Alessandrini, Professor of Law, University of Kent

Dr Amy Barnes, Lecturer, University of Sheffield

Dr Andrew Hill, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

Dr Angela Daly, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

Dr Ayesha Ahmad, Senior Lecturer in Global Health, St Georges University of London

Dr David McMenemy, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

Dr Fifa Rahman, Permanent Civil Society Representative, ACT-Accelerator Facilitation Council,

Dr Gavin Morgan, Educational Psychologist, University College London

Dr Hyo Yoon Kang, Reader in Intellectual Property Law, University of Kent, Kent Law School

Dr Jason Hickel, Senior Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Jennie Gamlin, Associate Professor, Global Health, University College London

Dr Nicole Votruba, Scientific coordinator/Policy Officer APP on Global Health, King’s College London/ All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health

Dr Rob Ralston, Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Tracey Wagner-Rizvi, Research Fellow – Health Governance, University of Edinburgh

Edward Fottrell, Associate Professor of Epidemiology & Global Health, University College London

Edward Kirton-Darling, Academic, University of Kent

Eleanor Brooks, Lecturer Health Policy, University of Edinburgh

Eleanor Hutchinson, Assistant Professor, International Centre for Eye Health

Elisa Morgera, Professor of Global Environmental Law, University of Strathclyde

Emily Grabham, Professor of Law, University of Kent

Emily Jones, Associate Professor, University of Oxford

Eric Loefflad, Dr, University of Kent

Fiona Ross, Professor Health and Social Care Emeritus , Kingston University

Frances Stewart, Emeritus professor, University of Oxford

Gemma Aellah, Research Fellow in Global Health, BSMS Centre for Global Health

Gowri Nanayakkara, Dr, Canterbury Christ Church University

Graham Dutfield, Professor of International Governance, University of Leeds

Graham Hamley, PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde

Guido Noto La Diega, Associate Professor of Intellectual Property and Privacy Law, University of Stirling

Harm Schepel, Professor of economic law, Kent Law School

Hassan Haghparast Bidgoli, Principal Research Fellow/Associate professor, University College London

Hattie Lowe, Researcher, University College London

Helen Weiss, Professor of Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Helena Legido Quigley, Associate Professor, International Centre for Eye Health

Ibrahim Abubakar, Professor, University College London

Imogen Bakelmun, Communications Director , Global Health 50/50

Jane Cavanagh, University Manager, University College London

Janet Seeley, Professor , London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Dep

Janis Wong, PhD Researcher, University of St Andrews

Jeff Collin, Professor of Global Health Policy, University of Edinburgh

Jocelyn Bosse, Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law, University of Reading

Jolene Skordis, Professor of Economics, University College London

Joseph Collins, Research Assistant and PhD Student, University College London

Julie Gibson, Researcher, University of Strathclyde

Kathy Baisley, Associate Professor of Medical Statistics & Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Kaveri Qureshi, Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

Kenneth Fleming, Emeritus Fellow, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford

Lara Goscé, Dr, University College London

Len Doyal Doyal, Professsor, University of Bristol

Lucy C Irvine, Dr, University College London

Luis Eslava, Dr, University of Kent

Malcolm Combe, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Strathclyde

MariaClara Liuzzi, Doctoral candidate,

Mariela de Amstalden, Dr,

Mark O’Brien, Researcher , Higher Education

Maru Mormina, Senior Researcher and Ethics Advisor

Maryam Shahmanesh, Professor of Global Health , University College London

Melania Calestani, Senior Lecturer, Kingston University

Melissa Leach, Director, Institute of Development Studies

Michael Depledge, Emeritus Professor, University of Exeter Medical School

Mireille Evagora-Campbell, Research Coordinator

Mika Schroder, PhD Researcher, Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance

Miwon Seo, Ph D.,

Nadine Seward, Lecturer in global health

Naomi Saville, Senior Research Associate, University College London

Nayeli Urquiza, Wellcome Trust Research Associate, University of Kent

Neyanne Nugapen, Mr, Norfolk County Council

Nick Grieg, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Kent

Philip Dearden, Professor, Centre for International Development and Training University of Wolverhampton

Prof Sir Andrew Haines, Professor of environmental Change and Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Trop Med

Professor Laura Camfield, Head of the School of International Development/DSA Council member, University of East Anglia

Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft, Professor , King’s College London

Professor Sophie Harman, Professor of International Politics, Queen Mary University of London

Rajeeb Sah, Senior Lecturer, Canterbury Christ Church University

Rashida A Ferrand, Professor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Rebecca Shepard, Student, IHEID

Richard Wilkinson, Emeritus Professor of Social Epidemiology,, University of Nottingham Medical School,

Rochelle Burgess, Lecturer in Global Health, University College London

Rose Parfitt, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Kent

Sadie Bell, Research Fellow, London School of Hygiene &Tropical Medicine

Sahra Gibbon, Associate Professor in Anthropology , University College London

Sally Sheldon, Professor, Kent University

Sara (Meg) Davis, Senior researcher , Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute

Serena Natile, Assistant Professor , Warwick Law School

Shivani Singh, Associate Professor (Teaching), University College London

Sir Alimuddin ZUMLA, Professor of Infectious Diseases and International health, University College London

Stefan Elbe, Professor of International Relations, University of Sussex

Stephanie Switzer, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

Stephen Blythe, Course Co-Ordinator, University of Strathclyde

Stephen Matlin, Visiting Professor, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

Stephen Reicher, Wardlaw Professor of Psychology, University of St. Andrews, University of St. Andrews

Susan Michie, Professor, UCL

Syed Ziaur Rahman, Professor, Ibn Sina Academy of Medieval Medicine and Sciences

Thanos Zartaloudis, Dr/Reader in Law, Kent Law School

Thomas Broderick, PhD Candidate and Tutor, University of Edinburgh

Tim Colbourn, Associate Professor of Global Health Epidemiology and Evaluation, UCL Institute for Global Health

Toni Wright, Research Fellow, Canterbury Christ Church University

Tony Sandset, Researcher

Tracey Chantler, Assistant Professor Public Health Evaluation, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Tristan Henderson, Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews

Vanessa Hack, Project Manager (Infectious Disease Epidemiology), UCL Institute for Global Health

Wade Mansell, Professor Emeritus, University of Kent

William Yule , Emeritus Professor of Applied Child Psychology , King’s College London

Zainab Bakari, PhD researcher, University of Kent

Civil society organisation

Aaron Oxley, Executive Director, RESULTS UK

Agnes Callamard, Secretary General, Amnesty International

Alex Lawson, Executive Director, Social Security Works

Alex Sparrowhawk, Chair, UK Community Advisory Board (HIV Treatment Advocates Network)

Alison Stuart, Director, Aberdeen Climate Action

Alistair Dutton, Director, Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF)

Alma De León, Regional Director, ITPC-LATCA

Almuth Ernsting, Co-director, Biofuelwatch

Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, CEO, Christian Aid

Annette Gaudino, Director of Policy Strategy, Treatment Action Group

Beatrice Ogolla, Program Coordinator, Personal Initiative for Positive Empowerment (PIPE)

Bekky Ashmore, Policy and Advocacy Adviser, Plan International UK

Ben Gilchrist, Chief Executive, Caritas Shrewsbury

Bennett Collins, Deputy Director, Third Generation Project

Brook K. Baker, Senior Policy Analyst, Health GAP (Global Access Project)

Camilla Knox-Peebles, Chief Executive, Amref Health Africa UK

Caoimhe de Barra, CEO, Trócaire

Catherine Sophie Dimitroulias, President, Association of Women of Southern Europe (AFEM)

Catrina Randall, Network coordinator, Young Friends of the Earth Scotland

Chaitra Dinesh, National Director, Students for Global Health

Chloe James, Senior lecturer in medical microbiology, University of Salford

Christine Allen, Director, Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)

Claire Munoz Parry, Assistant Director, Global Health Programme, Chatham House

Danny Sriskandarajah, Chief Executive, Oxfam GB

David Thomas, Communications and Campaigns Manager, Social Value UK

Dr Richard Dixon, Director, Friends of the Earth Scotland

Edwin J Bernard, Executive Director, HIV Justice Network

Eldred Tellis, Executive Director, Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust

Elizabeth Baines, Organiser, Just Treatment

Elizabeth Pfiester, Executive Director, T1International

Emma Ritch, Executive Director, Engender

Eoin Dubsky, Campaigner, SumOfUs

Erick Okioma , Chief of the Party , Nelson Mandela TB HIV Community Information CBO

Fiona Uellendahl, Policy Advisor, World Vision Deutschland e.V.

Gabrielle Jeliazkov, Just Transition Campaigner, Platform London

Gail Davey, Founder, Footwork, the International Podoconiosis Initiative

Geoff Earl, Member, Nurses United

George Carter, Founder/Director, Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR)

Human Rights Watch

Isla Scott, Ms, Divest Strathclyde

James Dunworth, Office Manager, HIV i-BASE

Jean Kemp, Committee member, St Andrews TTIP Action Group

Jimmy Paul, Director, Wellbeing Economy Alliance Scotland

Johanna Elbel, European Coordination Committee, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

John Good, Interim Chief Executive, ActionAid UK

Karine Doumbia, coordinator, APPIO Solidaire pour le reinforcement le l’aude au development

Kathleen Jenkins, Secretary, Scottish Hazards

Keith Stoddart, Secretary, Peoples Assembly Scotland

Khushali Shingala, Project Development Officer, DMI

Laura Sullivan , Executive Director , WeMove Europe

Leah Sullivan, Trade Campaigner, War on Want

Lenio Capsaskis, Head of Health, Save the Children UK

Lesley Checkley, Member of Zero Covid Scotland working group, Zero Covid Scotland

Lewis Temple, CEO, BRAC UK

Line Christensen, Campaign Director, Jubilee Scotland

Lois Chingandu, Director Evidence and Influence, Frontline AIDS

Lorena Di Giano, Executive Director, Fundación GEP

Luis Morago, Campaign Director, Avaaz

Marlyn Tweedie, Miss, None

Martin Drewry, CEO, Health Poverty Action

Matthew Hodson, Executive Director, NAM Publications (aidsmap)

Médecins Sans Frontières UK

Melissa Jones, Digital Communications and Campaigns Officer, Action for Global Health

Michael Chessum, National Organiser, Another Europe is Possible

Michael Gidney, Chief Executive, Fairtrade Foundation

Mike Podmore, Director, STOPAIDS

Naomi Burke-Shyne, Executive Director, Harm Reduction International

Natalie Rhodes, Policy Officer, Transparency International Global Health

Nick Dearden, Director, Global Justice Now

Nick Mabey, CEO, E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism)

Nina Black, Advocacy Advisor, BRAC UK

Parminder Jeet Singh, Executive Director, IT for Change

Paul Cook, Head of Advocacy, Tearfund

Paul Davis, Policy Director, R2H Action [Right to Health]

Robbie Lawlor, Co-founder, Access to Medicines Ireland

Rosanne Palmer-White, UK and Influencing Director, Restless Development

Ruth Bergan, Senior Adviser, Trade Justice Movement

Sarah Hirom, Trustee, One World Week

Scott Tully, Organiser, Glasgow Calls Out Polluters

Shaun Spiers, Executive Director, Green Alliance

Simon Collins, Advocate, HIV i-Base

Sophie Strachan, Director , Sophia Forum

Stephanie Draper, CEO, Bond

Steve Rolfe, Chair, Global Justice Glasgow

Tamar Ghosh, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Titilola Banjoko, Chair, Board of Trustees, Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development

Umunyana Rugege, Executive Director, SECTION27

Zita Holbourne, National Chair, BARAC UK

Faith leaders

Joseph Collins, Canon, Retired Catholic Priest

Rev Lynn Green, General Secretary, The Baptist Union of Great Britain

Anthony Alfred Peck, General Secretary, European Baptist Federation

Robert Russell McLarty, Parish Minister , Meadowbank Church of Scotland

Barbara Curtin, Mrs, Church of Scotland

Simeon Baker, Director of Mission, Baptist Union of Wales

Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, Moderator of the General Assembly, Church of Scotland

Rev Dr Susan Brown, Convener, Faith Impact Forum, Church of Scotland

Revd Clare Downing, Moderator of General Assembly, United Reformed Church

Peter Pay, Moderator of General Assembly, United Reformed Church

Bob Fyffe, General Secretary, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Rev John O Fulton, Moderator of the General Assembly, Unite Free Church of Scotland

Elisabeth Cranfield, Reverend, Church of Scotland

Mary Cranfield, Parish Minister, Church of Scotland

Healthcare workers

Alice Leahy, Consultant Paediatrician, University Hospital Southampton

Andrea Hotchkin, Medical Doctor Development worker in Chad, BMS Worldmission

Andrea Loudon, Retired pharmacist

Anne Thomas, Speech and Language Therapist, Highland Council

Anne-Margaret Phee, Mental health support worker, Hwupenyu health & wellbeing project

Anthony Johnson, Registered Nurse and Lead Organiser, Nurses United UK

ASIM NABi, HIV case Manager, National AIDS control programme

Asma Ashraf, Research Nurse, University College London

Ben Simms, CEO, Tropical Health and Education Trust

Blossom Coutinho, Chairperson, Sankalp rehabilitation trust

Catherine Tobias, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, NHS

Craig Dobson, Projects support officer, NHS

Diana Day, Senior stroke Nurse, Cambridge University Foundation Trust

Dr Crystal Oldman, Chief Executive, The Queen’s Nursing Institute, National Professional Nursing Organisation (England, Wales & N.Ireland)

Dr George Mugi Muriithi, Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Dr Jane Cunningham Infectious diseases and Microbiology Consultant

Evelyn Brealey, Director, Cambridge Global Health Partnerships

Gill Turner, Consultant Paediatrician, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust

Helen Groom, Retired GP,

Jacqueline Payne, Retired General Practitioner,

Jemma James, Staff Nurse, Nurses United

Joel Lexchin, Emergency department physician, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada

Joy Kemp, Global Professional Advisor, The Royal College of Midwives

Laura Hother, Student Nurse, NHS

Laura Waters, Consultant Physician & BHIVA Chair, British HIV Association

Leah Scanlon, Community Heart failure nurse specialist, NHS

Manori Jayathilake, Deputy Manager

Mark Hotchkin, Emergency Medical Doctor /Development worker in Chad, BMS World mission

Martin Ayres, Senior nurse

Maura Buchanan, Deputy Nursing Director, ScotNursing & Medical Services

Mohsen Shahmanesh, retired Consultant in GUM and HIV, University Hospitals Birmingham FT

Moses Mulimira , Global health manager , Health Education England

Nina Vora, Clinician and clinical research fellow,

Oliver Ross, hospital consultant, University Hospital Southampton

Paula Mulvenna, Oncologist,

Rachel McCormick, Medical Student, King’s College London

Rageshri Dhairyawan, Consultant Physician,

Rebecca Hotchkin, Medical Student, King’s College London

Ro Leahy, Clinical Support Worker, NHS

Sandra Goldie, Physiotherapist, NHS

Sharan Macdonald

Sophie Gibson, Student Nurse, University of Liverpool

Tim Morgan, Medical Lawyer and Mental Health Practitioner , NHS Trust

Tom Bolger, Nurse/Convenor, Nurses United UK

William M Nkata, Senior Mental Health Practitioner, Aim City Healthcare Consultancy

Members of the House of Lords

Angela Harris, Baroness Harris of Richmond

Baroness Barker

Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle

Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Crossbench Member

Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb

Baroness Judith Jolly

Baroness Lister of Burtersett

Baroness Masham of Ilton

Baroness Sheehan, Liberal Democrats

Baroness Smith of Newnham, Liberal Democrat Defence Spokesman, House of Lords

Baroness Verma

Baroness Walmsley

Christine Blower, Baroness Blower of Starch Green

John Hendy QC

Leslie Turnberg, Baron Turnberg

Lord Alton of Liverpool

Lord Bernard Ribeiro

Lord Dale Campbell Savours

Lord Des Browne

Lord David Chidgey, Spokesman for Africa, Liberal Democrats

Lord Dholakia, Deputy Leader, Liberal Democrats, House of Lords

Lord German

Lord Jones of Cheltenham, Liberal Democtrats

Lord Paul Tyler, Liberal Democrat

Lord Prem Sikka

Lord Strasburger, Liberal Democrats

Lorely Burt, The Baroness Burt of Solihull

Malcolm Bruce, Lord Bruce of Bennachie

Lord Michael Cashman

Pauline Bryan, Baroness Bryan of Partick

Rt Hon Lord Campbell of Pittenweem CH CBE PC QC FRSE

Shami Chakrabarti, Baroness CBE PC,

Susan Kramer, Baroness, Liberal Democrats

Viscount Bridgeman

William Wallace, Lord Wallace of Saltaire

Members of Parliament

Apsana Begum MP, Poplar and Limehouse

Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Streatham

Caroline Lucas MP, Brighton Pavilion

Claire Hanna MP, Belfast South

Claudia Webbe MP, Leicester East

Clive Lewis MP, Norwich South

Dan Carden, MP, Liverpool, Walton

Dawn Butler MP, Brent Central

Diane Abbott MP, Hackney North and Stoke Newington

Dr Daniel Poulter MP, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich

Dr Philippa Whitford MP, Central Ayrshire, SNP Health spokesperson

Grahame Morris MP, Easington

Ian Byrne MP, Liverpool West Derby

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Islington North

John McDonnell MP, Hayes and Harlington

Kate Osamor MP, Edmonton

Kate Osborne MP, Jarrow

Kenny MacAskill MP, East Lothian

Kim Johnson MP, Liverpool Riverside

Layla Moran MP, Oxford West and Abingdon, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and International Development

Mary Kelly Foy MP, City of Durham

Mick Whitley MP, Birkenhead

Mohammad Yasin MP, Bedford and Kempston

Nadia Whittome MP, Nottingham East

Navendu Mishra MP, Stockport

Patrick Grady MP, Glasgow North

Paul Sweeney, former Shadow Minister for Trade, Innovation and Public Finance

Paula Barker MP, Liverpool Wavertree

Rachael Maskell MP, York Central

Rachel Hopkins MP, Luton South

Richard Burgon MP, Leeds East

Sarah Champion MP, Rotherham, Chair of the International Development select committee

Sarah Olney MP, Richmond Park

Stephen Farry MP, North Down

Tommy Sheppard MP, Edinburgh East, SNP Constitutional Affairs Spokesperson

Virendra Sharma MP, Ealing Southall

Patients and Covid-19 survivors

Anne Maclean-Chang, Patient advocate, Just Treatment

Felicity Dowling, Organiser, Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Campaign

Ian Fletcher

Jeanette Fletcher

John Revie

Juliet Bosa, Patient Rep, GSTT NHS Trust

Olinda Boulding, Teaching assistant , Frewen College East Sussex

Rosita Thomas

Sheila Fitzgerald, volunteer, Access to Medicines Ireland

Vanessa Mavila, President, Foundation Eboko

Zawar Muhammad, HIV community coordinator, Aplhiv

Public health experts

Afifah Rahman-Shepherd, Research Fellow

Akshita Siddula, Community Organizing Director, Right to Health Action

Audrey Prost, Professor of Global Health, University College London

Chris Zielinski, Visiting Fellow and Programme Manager, Centre for Global Health, University of Winchester

Colin McInnes, Professor of International Politics, Aberystwyth University

Daniela Moye Holz, Researcher

David McCoy, Professor of Global Public Health, Queen Mary University London

David Osrin, Professor of Global Health, University College London

Delan Devakumar, Clinical senior lecturer, University College London

Dr Adesola Yinka-Ogunleye, PhD Student, Institute of Global Health, UCL

Dr Mariana Dyakova, Consultant in Public Health

Elijah Amooti, Director, European African Treatment Advocates Network

Eloan Dos Santos Pinheiro, Already Retired from Fiocruz, acting as consultant

Els Torreele, Visiting Fellow, Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London

Gail Davey, Professor of Global Health Epidemiology, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Janet Hemingway, Professor of Tropical Medicine, LSTM

Mary De Silva, Head of Population Health, Wellcome Trust

Mike Downham, Zero Covid Scotland campaign

Mike English, Prof. International Child Health, University of Oxford

Mohga Kamal-Yanni, Senior policy consultant , people Vaccine Alliance

Mzwandile Mabhala, Professor, University of Cheste

Ngozi, Associate Fellow, Chatham House

Osman Ahmed Dar, Director One Health Project, Chatham House

Roderick Peter MacGregor Thomson, Professor,

Sarah Hawkes, Professor of Global Public Health, University College London

Sridhar Venkatapuram, Associate Professor, King’s Global Health Institute


Christina McAnea, General Secretary, UNISON

Dave Ward, General Secretary, CWU

Jane Loftus, President, Communication Workers Union

Jo Grady, General Secretary, UCU

John Miller, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Trades Council Secretar , Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Trades Council

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary, TSSA

Michael Schwaabe, President, AFA-CWA Council 7 – London

Mick Whelan, General Secretary, ASLEF

Paul Nowak, Deputy General Secretary, TUC

Stephen Smellie, Deputy Convenor, UNISON Scotland

Unaffiliated, business leaders, activists, and others

Anastasia Bow-Bertrand, Communications Manager

Brian Batson

Cathy Crawford, Activist, Cathy Crawford, Activist

Ella Ross-Leahy

Elspeth Crawford

Eva GUERREIRO, Master Student, The Graduate Institute,

Graham Checkley, Campaign supporter, Zero Covid Scotland,

Harriet Mason, Senior Youth Stop AIDS and UK Campaigns Coordinator , Youth Stop AIDS, Activist Network

Ian Wall, Professor, SCDI, Business leader

Jackie Morgan, Retired

James Isaacs, Retail Store Manager

James Ritchie

Juliana Depledge , Artise, Artist

Julie Lyon-Taylor , Chair  MPA, Merseyside Pensioners Association , Voluntary  for MPA

Kay Julian

Leah Murphy Brettell, Health and Nutrition Convenor

Linda Hurrell, Ms, Linda Hurrell

Margaret Rosa Tyson

Mark Crichton

Mary Lowe

May Armstrong , Volunteer , Fridays For Future Scotland , Youth Climate Strike Group, a branch of the international Fridays For Future movement

Mercedes Villalba, MSP candidate, Scottish Labour

Miranda Burke

Nicky Rushton, Self employed

Paul Clift

Paul Fox, Owner, Ark, Business leader

Ricky Grimes , Regional Secretary , Workers Party of Britain

Roy Trevelion, HIV treatment advocate, UK-CAB

Samantha Dawson, Manager, Body Positive Dorset

Tresca Louise Wilson, HiV outreach and testing volunteer, Positive East, Volunteer

William Lunding, Master’s student, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies