Asia Europe People’s Forum: Responding to new global challenges and building new solidarity partnerships between Asia and Europe

29 September 2018

This weekend Global Justice Now has joined partner organisations in Asia and Europe in co-organising the 12th Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF12) which is being held in Ghent, Belgium from 29 September to 1 October. More than 400 registered participants from 44 countries will be joining over the three days.

The Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) has been holding the biennial People's Forum since 1996 when it began as a parallel initiative to the first ASEM Summit held in Bangkok. It was established as a platform and Forum to amplify people's voices on the need to respect and fulfil social, economic and human rights for all across Asia and Europe, and to highlight the importance of developing just, equal and inclusive approaches to regional integrations.

We have co-organised the Thematic Cluster on Trade Justice and Corporate Accountability. It will have an opening plenary to discuss “Is neoliberalism and corporate globalization in a state of crisis or consolidation?” This will be followed by workshops showing the nexus of trade and corporate power on new and emerging issues: The Investment Regime and ISDS; e-Commerce and the Digital Economy; Trade, Corporate Power, and Human Rights; and, Global Crisis and Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee People.

To enable Asian and European campaigners and activists to strategize together and plan future initiatives, the closing plenary will focus on “The Way Forward Fostering Closer Coordination” and linking existing campaigns.

There are also two open space events on ISDS: campaign experiences on EU and Asian Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), and on the China Bridge and Road Initiative to understand China’s new role in global political economy.

For more information about the AEPF12 and know the rest of the 3-day forum, please visit

Photo: Opening plenary on ‘The new political "Normal": Authoritarian regimes, Populism and Racism; Migration and Forced displacement; Shrinking Spaces for Political Activism and Active citizenship’ at AEPF12.


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