Five reasons young people should come to We Rise

Angry and frustrated with the politics of Trump and May and the 1%? Want to join the growing movement against racism and inequality? Then you should get down to We Rise next Saturday 1 April at Goldsmiths University, London – a free a day of discussion, debate, activism and live performance with journalist Owen Jones, Malia Bouattia (NUS president), Aaron Bastani (Novara Media).

We Rise is the first national gathering of the Global Justice Youth network – a new network of activists under 28, organising against corporate power, the demonisation of migrants and for a world run by the many and not the few.

If that’s enough for you, then book your free ticket now. But if you need more convincing, here are five reasons why all young people who care about social justice should get down to We Rise:

1. Meet other young people fighting your fight

You’ll know you have something in common with everyone here – so it’ll be easy to make friends! Young people from across the UK are coming to We Rise. Our youth network has groups across the UK, and there’ll be plenty of chances to meet other young people who are in the same struggle. You’ll be able to meet people who are building solidarity with migrants, organising the resistance to Trump’s state visit, standing up against corporate-led trade deals, organising educational events and more. There will be plenty of time at We Rise to share ideas, experiences and learn from the other awesome young people who are coming.  

2. Get inspired by our speakers and organisers

We Rise will open with NUS president Malia Bouattia – the first female Black British and Muslim leader of the NUS. A refugee herself, Malia has been an outspoken critic of the government’s Prevent agenda, and the increased marketisation of higher education. 

The final session of We Rise, a Stop Trump organising assembly, will be led by Owen Jones – one of the most prominent voices for social Justice in the UK today. Owen’s initial call for people to demonstrate against Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK was met with an overwhelming response, and he’ll be providing the inspiration to kick off our organising space (see below). 

In addition to Malia and Owen, we’re excited to be joined by Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media; Nick Srnicek, co-author of Inventing the Future – Postcapitalism and a World Without Work; the amazing community organiser Tatiana Garavito from HOPE not hate; Nick Dearden, Global Justice Now’s director and Dorothy Grace Guerrero, Filipina climate activist and head of policy at Global Justice Now.

3. Party!

Did you know that we are having an after-party? Beats not Borders is highlighting some of London’s best new talent so we can dance the night away. After some powerful live poetry The Dream Jazz Collective will play you some smooth neo-soul and to hype things up, and then London Grime artists Jai’Rouge and Karnage will bring the energy and fire that we’ll all crave after a long day. Because it’s not a revolution if there isn’t dancing.

4. Learn to brandalise

Reclaiming advertising space for political and social campaigning is on the rise. If the 1% can do it, why can’t we? When politics and art collide on the streets we can challenge the corporate capture of our consumer culture, and turn brands against themselves. Join a participatory crash-course in brandalism, hosted by Matt Bonner, to explore the history of subversive art and tactics on rescuing public space from intrusive advertising.

5. Organise!

How do we create a movement, led by young people, to fight against the rise of the right? How do we take the lead from people who are most affected by structures of power? How do we win a world run for the many and not the few? We organise!

We Rise will finish a Stop-Trump organising session (before the after party). We have invited members of different groups from in and outside London, and through a facilitated session, we will brainstorm and strategise how to create a powerful youth-led movement, and do some concrete action planning.

Hope to see you there! If you want to come book your free place now and share the event on Facebook.


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