How to 'rebrand' Monsanto to expose the toxic truth

05 May 2016

If you look at Monsanto’s website you would think that it is an environmental campaign organisation. It sells itself and its products as safe, sustainable and good for farmers. But we know that’s not true. The World Health Organisation has recently classified the ingredients in Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller, RoundUp, as probably causing cancer. Campaign organisations have been reporting on the damage that Roundup has caused in the environment for years. And farmers around the world have been protesting against Monsanto as it has expanded to dominate global seed and chemical markets.  

Let's rebrand Monsanto

At Global Justice Now we felt like someone needed to do something to expose the truth to people who buy Monsanto’s products. And what better way to do this than using Monsanto’s own brand to insert some much needed facts into their marketing.  So we created an Expose Monsanto pack and a website where people across the country can order it.

At the time of writing hundreds of packs have been ordered from all over the UK and photos from some of these actions have already started popping up on social media.

You can order yours now and take it to a garden centre or supermarket near you.

Why take action?

These small acts of dissent are part of a much bigger movement to challenge Monsanto and the growing power of agribusinesses in the world.  This includes protests against Monsanto in Argentina, India, South Africa, Mexico, Bangladesh, USA and across Europe.  Argentina hosts one of the most prominent battles in the struggle against the corporate takeover of seeds. The giant seed company has been planning to build the world’s biggest GM maize seed treatment plant in the country’s bread basket region of Cordoba. But for three years protesters have held an occupation blocking the main entrance to Monsanto’s construction site.  

In this context the battle to ban Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller in Europe is a huge opportunity. If we can do this it will not only harm Monsanto’s plans to expand further into European markets, but it will also send a message to the rest of the world. Corporate agriculture is not welcome. Currently, Europe’s international development strategy is to support the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, an initiative which helps corporations like Monsanto to expand into Africa.  If we were to ban Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller in Europe then it starts begging the question: why are we channelling aid towards a corporate model of agriculture in Africa when we are banning elements of this model in our own countries?

Chemicals like Roundup, aren’t  just harmful they are also unnecessary. Scientific evidence shows that organic, non-chemical methods are effective for growing healthy food as well as being better for the environment. And farmers across the world are proving this by practicing these methods every day.

So why not order an Expose Monsanto pack to take to your local retailer and join the growing global movement against Monsanto and against the corporate control of food.

Take action now



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