Seven reasons you should come to our summer festival

10 May 2016

If you're deciding which festival to book this year but are looking for something different, here are seven reasons you should come to Take Back Our World festival.

1) Paul Mason is showing his new film, This a Coup, and speaking afterwards. He'll also be talking about his book Post Capitalism. 


2) There are some incredible spoken word artists, singers and DJs booked

Rohan Ayinde


Ije Amaechi 

Shareefa Energy

3) We have some great training workshops lined up

One with community organiser and choir leader: Amina

4) We're going to try and break the record for the world's biggest lemon jousting championship (you'll have to come to find out what we're talking about)

5) There will be tons of discussions, trainings, creative sessions and interesting speakers.

6) The SEA is a really close!

7) Last year was really fun (we discussed everything from post capitalist societies to alternative trade deals and a world where people control their own food system on the lawn of a manor house!)

Take Back Our World festival

So buy your tickets here now.



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