The movement needs your voice

28 January 2015

2015 is election year for Global Justice Now. Taking place every three years, council elections determine the governing body of Global Justice Now, which is made up of a range of people including recent and long-term supporters of the organisation and activists from local groups. Now, before you think this isn’t relevant to me – STOP - yes it is, and we need your voice on council.

The heart of Global Justice Now is its members and local group activists. I’ve been a member of Global Justice Now since about 2001, and over the years I have campaigned on issues from GATS to food speculation. I have helped put on public meetings, lobby MPs and MEPs, run stalls, taken part in demonstrations and campaign stunts, set up and run group websites and managed social media activities. I’m saying this, not because it’s unique, but because it’s an example of what a lot of you reading this will have been involved in too.

People often say “but I don’t have any skills to offer”. This isn’t true, of course, everyone has skills. And in fact members and activists have a really valuable skill. You are out there on the streets, engaging the public and encouraging action. You know the ups and downs of campaigning for social and economic justice and you understand how the UK public responds to our campaigns. This experience is really useful to council and the governance of the organisation. It helps Global Justice Now develop and improve its campaign strategies and ensures that the experiences of grassroots activists are represented.

The benefits of being on council is two-way. Global Justice Now benefits from your grassroots campaigning experience, and you are given a chance to develop, as I have, a great understanding of how a democratic activist organisation is run and be a part of managing and developing its overall direction. During my nearly six years on council I’ve been involved in the recruitment of our director and with the relaunch, and have been a part of the oversight and decision-making processes that ensure that staff have the structural resources and support they need in order to be able to deliver the campaigns and successes that we are all fighting for.

Saving the best until last, you get to work with a wonderful bunch of people, all of whom who are friendly and inspiring and give a damn about making this world a better place for all. And you get a free lunch.

I encourage you to stand for election to the Global Justice Now council. The movement needs your voice.

If you are not already a member of Global Justice Now, you can join here


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