New film: curing RBS of its oil addiction

11 August 2011

Do films motivate people any more than other kinds of campaign communication? Well, here’s one we produced on a very tiny budget aimed at informing an audience of the basic issues of our campaign to clean up the bailed out banks

, in this case RBS, but also showing that campaigning on a serious issue can be imaginative, fun (dare I say zany?) and be about more than writing letters to politicians.

Does it do it for you? Have a look (it only lasts four minutes) and let us know what you think.





The global south is being left at the mercy of the financial markets. We must keep campaigning to prevent a full-blown debt crisis

23 July 2020

While lockdown is easing here in Britain, across the world coronavirus cases continue to rise. In some countries, like El Salvador, health systems have been overwhelmed. In others, including parts of India, strict lockdowns have had to be reimposed in parts of the country. Across Africa, infections are rising rapidly.

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