Beating a US-UK trade deal in your town or city

In the fight against TTIP (the EU-US trade deal), what made all the difference to the campaign was having a confident, knowledgeable and outspoken network of people across the country who pressurised MPs, explained things to other members of the public and won over more people to join that work. That network of people and local groups inspired others to take a stand against a looming injustice.

We've produced three resources to help you organise a public meeting in your town or city that can help build this network where you are:

  1. A guide designed to help you organise a public meeting in your town or city. It’s an ABC on how to organise a public meeting - but there’s something for everyone in here, no matter how experienced. There are suggestions of places to find speakers for meetings, ways of promoting a meeting to get a bigger turnout and, at the end, what you can get the people who attend the event to usefully do in the days and weeks that follow. DOWNLOAD
  2. A poster/leaflet (depending on what size you print it) which you can download and fill in with your local details, then use to publicise your event. DOWNLOAD
  3. An event image for use online (see right). The image is the right size for Facebook event pages, but can obviously be used elsewhere too. DOWNLOAD/VIEW


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