How we’re funded

How we’re funded

At Global Justice Now we’re proud to be outspoken. We take on issues that others are afraid to touch and we don’t make compromises.

To do this we need to be independent, so we refuse funding from anyone who might force us to water down our campaigns. This means the majority of our funds – currently around eighty percent  – come from passionate and dedicated individuals. People like you. With our members and supporters behind us, our campaigns have legitimacy, and our call for justice is stronger.

We are also grateful for grants and donations from carefully selected trusts and foundations, and a number of faith based organisations, which contribute around twenty percent of our income.

The support of each of our donors is vital. We simply couldn’t carry on fighting for a fairer world without you.

Where our funds come from

The exact funds that we receive vary slightly from year to year. In 2020 our income broke down like this:

How we spend your money

For every pound you give us, about 72p will go directly to our campaigns. We want to make really big changes in the world. This won’t happen overnight; it will be made up of thousands of little steps – steps we can take thanks to the support of our donors. Your money helps us:

  •    Expose injustices and build the case for alternatives in the media to raise public awareness research so decision makers can’t ignore our demands.
  • Carry out in depth research that brings to light the structures behind injustice and human impact of corporate greed, and offer alternatives to create a more just and equal world.
  • Connect people fighting the corporate takeover of their resources around the world, and to amplify their voices here in the UK, such as by bringing inspirational campaigners to the UK to speak with thousands of activists.
  • Forge a community for change here in the UK. That might be by helping our activists learn the skills they need to build a wider movement capable of successfully confronting power and changing our world.

Of the remaining 28p, 27p is invested in raising the next £1, to ensure we can go on fighting injustice into the future. The remaining 1p goes on the costs of keeping our democratic structure functioning (what we call ‘governance’).

You can read even more about what your donation helps us achieve in our annual review.

In 2020 our expenditure broke down like this:

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