Good news! The US-UK trade deal is on hold

We’ve got some good news. The US has kicked the US-UK trade deal into the long grass. 

Throughout last year Donald Trump and Boris Johnson wanted to do this high risk deal in a hurry, but public pressure from activists stopped them from being able to hustle it through before the US election.

Full list of MPs who voted AGAINST giving Parliament a say on future trade deals

Yesterday MPs once again voted down an amendment to the Trade Bill which would have given MPs a guaranteed vote on future trade deals, by a majority of 75.

The government's reasons for not stopping the Cumbria coal mine are nonsense

While claiming to be a climate leader ahead of the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow this November, our government is planning to allow a new coal mine to be built in Whitehaven, Cumbria. We must stop it.

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Communiqué falls short on urgent lack of supply caused by Big Pharma’s patents  

Campaigners have called on G7 leaders, who will hold a virtual meeting on Friday under the British presidency, to take urgent, concrete action to ramp up manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccines, cancel developing country debts, and invest in a green new deal.

It is an outrage that the countries with the least resources are being charged the most in the midst of a global health emergency.