The government’s trade agenda threatens disastrous deregulation – but we can stop it

15 January 2021

The Brexit trade deal with the EU might be completed, but the type of country Britain becomes next is still to be defined - and trade rules will play a key role in shaping our future. That’s why we need to keep campaigning on trade in the months and years ahead.  

What we've stood for together in 2020

21 December 2020

We have lived through 12 months dominated by coronavirus – a disease which has exposed the fragility and inequality of the global economy like nothing before. This virus has turned our world upside down, and we want to offer our heartfelt thanks for your support in such a difficult time. 

Three things I don’t want to find in my Christmas stocking

19 December 2020

Why we need to stop a US-UK trade deal if we don't wanted banned chemicals in our Christmas presents.

Latest news

“This gives Johnson a blank cheque to sign toxic trade deals which threaten public services and food standards” say campaigners

MPs rejected amendments to the Trade Bill this afternoon which would have:

  •  Guaranteed MPs a vote on trade deals
  •  Protected the NHS, food, animal welfare and environment standards
  •  Prevented trade deals with countries engaged in acts of genocide or serious human rights violations

The ‘ping-pong' process will continue as the Bill now returns to the Lords.

New research released today by Global Justice Now examines the history of some of the leading corporations producing coronavirus medicines, warning that their business model is likely to make controlling the pandemic more difficult, despite the rapid production of vaccines.

Thirty seven MSPs, from across the parties, have written to the UK government ahead of an important international meeting to call on them to support a proposal to make Covid-19 vaccines and treatments affordable to all countries, not just the richest.