Sam Lund-Harket

Sam Lund-Harket


Activism and events assistant


Sam organises some of Global Justice Now’s key national events and supports our network of local groups. Before joining the activism team, Sam worked in the campaigns team on climate justice and energy democracy. He is also involved in grassroots climate activism, including through Reclaim the Power and has lived and worked at Grow Heathrow, a community garden and sustainable housing project. 

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Latest posts

This August, escape from Brexit island

04 August 2017

We might be stuck with Brexit, but these times call for a strengthening of ties with our European allies. That’s why we’ll be joining the European Summer University for Social Movements (ESU) in Toulouse this August for five days of discussions, organising, debate and celebration.

Local democracy under attack

15 February 2016

The government wants the power to overrule council pension investment decisions. George Osborne wants to grant the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government the ‘power of intervention’, meaning they could override decisions made democratically by local councils.

False solutions and real alternatives at the UN climate talks

It reminded me of a drawing I’d seen. It was a line drawing showing a young woman emerging from a London underground station right in to the middle of an English woodland. It felt very much like that arriving in the village of alternatives during the Paris climate talks this weekend.

Five things to look forward to at the Paris COP

We’ve always argued that we need to look beyond the negotiations towards building a stronger grassroots movement against climate change. It is not the conference outcome that is important, it’s the chance to add to this movement and take part in some of the important and useful events organised over the two weeks in Paris. Below are a few of the things that we’re looking forward to.

Energy Democracy Now

The World Social Forum brings together social movements and grassroots organisations from all over the world. It’s a melting pot of ideas and energy, creating opportunities for people working on social and environmental justice issues to meet and organise together.

Fair COP - How do we avoid another Copenhagen in Paris?

Last week, thousands converged in Tunisia for the World Social Forum to work on the issues that they hold in common. One important discussion was about the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris in December this year.