Polly Jones


Former head of policy and campaigns


Polly joined Global Justice Now in September 2013. Between 2003 and 2013, Polly was International Officer for UNISON, the public service trade union. She has worked with trade unions and other civil society groups all around the world, in particular southern Africa and Latin America. Her areas of expertise include international development, trade and public services. She has an MSc from the School of Oriental and African studies (SOAS).

Latest posts

Bill Gates : We need more than a superhero to change the world

24 March 2016

Superheroes are having something of a resurgence. Our children continue to be inspired by them. Older generations remember how we were once inspired. And the companies which own them are seeing their profits soar.

Phenomenal women fighting for justice, equity and peace

08 March 2016

The calendar is full of international days to mark one cause or another. There are too many to remember or pay special attention to. But today’s International Women’s Day is one I always remember. Here are just a few of the phenomenal women, to use Maya Angelou’s phrase, who have stood out for me this year in their fight for justice, equity and peace around the world. 

Why should Bill Gates get to set the agenda for international development?

20 January 2016

Every January, Bill Gates sets out his vision for a better world and the role the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can play in achieving this in an annual letter to us all. With assets of $43.5 billion, the foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the world.

Free trade vs democracy as the WTO starts in Nairobi

15 December 2015

There is an air of frustration and uncertainty around central Nairobi as the WTO prepares to meet later this afternoon and for the first time in Africa. Governments from the north and south are frustrated that the WTO is making little progress, but they remain divided about what should be progressing.

The WTO is not dead

10 December 2015

The last time the World Trade Organisation met was December 2013. The negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the campaign to stop it had not even started. Trade seemed to be off the agenda and after years of stalled negotiations the WTO was expected to slowly become irrelevant.

The WTO is meeting again next week for the first time in Africa, and I will be there.

A wealth of inspiring struggles for equality and justice across Asia

19 August 2015

Focus on the Global South, a research and campaign network in Asia, celebrated its 20th anniversary this week by bringing together activists, mainly from across Asia, to discuss people’s struggles against and alternatives to neoliberalism and capitalism in the global south. I was lucky enough to be one to them.