Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


Media manager


Kevin Smith is the media manager at Global Justice Now. He joined in October 2014, after having spent 6 years at Platform overseeing their communications development and campaigning against oil sponsorship of the arts. He has been active on climate justice issues since the mobilisation at COP 6 summit in The Hague in 2000, and also spent time living in Spain on politically-engaged land based projects. In his spare time he obsesses about obscure disco records and hangs out with his cat.

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Latest posts

How do we deal with nightmare mega-farms & post-Brexit food insecurity?

19 July 2017

There’s been two pretty terrifying stories about food and farming in the media this last week.

To the board of M&S - your advertising is fuelling harassment and violence

10 July 2017

This is a letter being delivered to the board of M&S today at their Annual General Meeting, signed by 72 different anti-racist and migrant solidarity groups across the country.

To the board of M&S,

We represent 72 organisations across the UK who campaign against racism and for migrants’ rights

Six things you can do to get the youth vote out on Thursday

06 June 2017

Like the great Whitney Houston, I too believe that the children are the future. So it just seems all wrong that the demographic with the highest percentage of voters (the over 55s) end up having more of a say over issues that are going to impact young people for the longest.

Have Paul Nuttall or other UKIP politicians lied to you about trade deals?

22 February 2017

UKIP have been making all sorts of headlines for lies recently, mainly around leader Paul Nuttall’s fabrications about being part of the Hillsborough disaster. It’s pretty despicable that anyone would try to use such a huge personal tragedy for their own gain, let alone lie about it. But there’s another series of UKIP lies that took place recently that you might not have heard about.

The hustles in Brussels – MEPs vote to block legal scrutiny of toxic trade deal

23 November 2016

One of the most controversial aspects of the toxic trade deals being pushed by the EU is the system of corporate courts.

Nine quotes of hope in the face of US election despair

09 November 2016

It’s been a pretty dreadful day. It’s dreadful in the abstract for those of us living outside of the US, much more concretely dreadful for those within the USA, and worst of all for the visible migrants, Mexicans, Muslims, queers, and people of colour who will now be facing a wave of enabled hatred and violence in the wake of Trump’s racist victory.