Eleanor Williams



Fundraising assistant


Eleanor joined Global Justice Now in 2015 as the fundraising assistant. She previously worked at Survival International, which campaigns for indigenous peoples’ rights. She also worked at SOPHIA, a grassroots, rights-based NGO in northern India, which works with nomadic buffalo herders. Eleanor has a BSc in Anthropology from University College London, where she also campaigned against the trade of conflict minerals. In her spare time she volunteers at Room to Heal, a therapeutic community for refugees. She also likes hiking, cycling, ceramics and writing cringey poetry.

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Latest posts

Three hot spots of violence to small-scale farmers

20 March 2017

"Incidents of massacre, extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and detention, political persecution and harassment are common". This is the horrific persecution small-scale farmers worldwide are facing, as described by our allies at La Via Campesina (LVC). LVC is a global social movement representing millions of small-scale food producers.