Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis


Groups officer


Ed is Global Justice Now’s groups officer. He works with the network of local groups to maximise the impact of Global Justice Now’s campaigns and develop a culture of vibrant and effective activism. Ed comes to Global Justice Now after several years of working as a teacher in state education, during which time he has also been involved with various political education projects, including Demand the Impossible, a summer school on political activism for inner-city London teenagers.

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Latest posts

Young people rising – creating a new youth activist network

16 March 2017

In just two weeks’ time, Global Justice Now’s youth network will be hosting its first national gathering at Goldsmiths University in London. We Rise is a day of discussion, debate, live performance and action planning.

Building power: activism in Global Justice Now

16 January 2015

We live in an intolerable world. No decent human being can defend the injustices and inequalities that mark our world, where a global elite enjoy luxuries beyond imagination whilst billions of people are deprived of the conditions needed for a dignified life. Whilst such a state of affairs can easily provoke despair and cynicism, what it demands is a response.

WDM and the Radical Independence Conference

27 November 2014

This weekend I joined over three thousand others as a delegate to the Radical Independence Conference in Glasgow, organised by the Radical Independence Campaign, whose mission is to promote a more democratic, equal and independent Scotland. Distancing themselves from nationalism and echoing the politics of the World Social Forum, they mobilise under the slogan ’Another Scotland Is Possible’.