Just Trade Principles launch at the Scottish parliament


This January the Trade Justice Scotland Coalition will be launching our Principles for Just Trade at the Scottish parliament. We’ll also be briefing MSPs about the pitfalls and opportunities the new UK trade bill presents. We hope you can join us for an evening of discussion and debate.

After Brexit, the UK will begin negotiating its own trade deals. We worry that they will be based on deals like TTIP (EU-US trade deal) and CETA (EU trade deal with Canada. These type of deals hand unprecedented levels of power to corporations, weaken democracy and threaten the ability of our governments at Westminster and Holyrood to take public policy decisions designed to protect people and the planet. We need to ensure our members of parliament have powers to stop unfair trade deals and that Scotland has a voice.

Come along to the Scottish parliament to hear about why the new UK trade bill is a threat to democracy and how we can challenge it. We’ll also be launching our Principles for Just Trade  and talk about why now is a key moment to re-make a UK trade policy framework that is ethical, fair and transparent. The event begins at 6pm and will be finished by 8pm.


Liz Murray Global Justice Now

Simon McFarlane UNISON Scotland

Jean Blaylock UK Trade Justice Movement (tbc)

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