Take action

Brexit red lines

Set down your Brexit Red Lines

Make your voice heard in the Brexit negotiations. Email your MP now.

Calling time on corporate crime

Help us call time on corporate crime

Sign our petition to urge the UK government to support the UN process to introduce internationally binding regulation of corporations.


Ask your MEP to oppose toxic EU-Canada trade deal

A dangerous trade deal might come into force without a UK vote, giving big business sweeping new powers over our society. We can stop this happening.

Refugee Welcome projection on the cliffs of Dover

Stand with migrants and refugees

Tell Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary, to end the expensive and cruel policy of immigration detention and close the detention centres.

Priti Patel

Defend foreign aid

Ask the new international development secretaryPriti Patel, to commit to spend UK aid money on poverty reduction, not big business. 

Stop the land and seed grab

Stop the land and seed grab

Farmer groups and social movements in Africa, and across the world, are calling on governments to stop supporting the New Alliance. Stand with them.

Switched on London

Ask the mayor of London for a fairer energy system

Email Sadiq Khan asking him to make sure Energy for Londoners is the fair, clean, democratic energy system that our city needs

Expose the Gates Foundation

Expose the Bill Gates foundation

We have uncovered evidence to show that big business is directly benefitting as a result of the foundation’s activities. Take action.