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Stop the UK's secretive fund for overseas security forces

Stop the UK's secretive fund for overseas security forces

The Conflict Stability and Security Fund is diverting much needed aid money away from reducing poverty, and is instead using it to prop up armies and police forces around the world. As Theresa May to close this fund now.

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Global Justice Now banned from WTO

Argentina: Reverse the WTO ban on civil society

Global Justice Now and members of other civil society organisations have been banned from next week's World Trade Organisation summit in Argentina.

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Joi the fight for affordable medicines

Join the fight for affordable medicines

Publicly funded research for drugs should benefit all. Urge your MP to call for medicines to be accessible and affordable

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Tell M&S to stop funding hate

Call for trade democracy now

Outside the EU, there are even fewer checks or balances on the British government. MPs have almost no role in negotiating trade deals. We need to open up the process and allow scrutiny and democracy to improve the way trade deals work.

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Stop Trump pledge

Pledge to march against Trump's visit

Trump is set to visit us in 2018, but many thousands have already pledged to protest against it. Join us.

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The Sun newspaper

Call for an inquiry into press racism

UK media is filled with hate against migrants, refugees & Muslims. Tell the press watchdog to hold an inquiry into press racism.

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Sainsbury's: don't ditch Fairtrade

Tell Sainsbury's: don't ditch Fairtrade

The new Sainsbury's scheme is untested, unverified and unwanted, plus the ‘Fairly Traded’ label is likely to mislead customers. But most importantly it takes control away from tea farmers.

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Great Repeal Bill

Great Repeal Bill: don't let it rip our rights

The Great Repeal Bill outlined in the Queen's Speech will give the government huge powers to rip up our rights and protections. Take action to protect our rights.

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Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Take the pledge now and stand up against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail.

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