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Sainsbury's: don't ditch Fairtrade

Tell Sainsbury's: don't ditch Fairtrade

The new Sainsbury's scheme is untested, unverified and unwanted, plus the ‘Fairly Traded’ label is likely to mislead customers. But most importantly it takes control away from tea farmers.

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Great Repeal Bill

Great Repeal Bill: don't let is rip our rights

The Great Repeal Bill outlined in the Queen's Speech will give the government huge powers to rip up our rights and protections. Take action to protect our rights.

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Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Take the pledge now and stand up against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail.

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Tell M&S to stop funding hate

Call for trade democracy now

Outside the EU, there are even fewer checks or balances on the British government. MPs have almost no role in negotiating trade deals. We need to open up the process and allow scrutiny and democracy to improve the way trade deals work.

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Tell M&S to stop funding hate

Tell M&S to stop funding hate

Advertising money from companies such as Marks and Spencer enables newspapers like the Daily Mail to pump out hatred against migrants and refugees. We can stop this. Ask M&S to stop funding hate.

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Stop the land and seed grab

Stand with small-scale farmers

 Small-scale farmers feed the majority of the world’s population, yet they are experiencing escalating levels of violence and oppression. Please call on the UK government to support the UN declaration of rights of peasants.