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Ask your supermnarket to stop antibiotics overuse

Ask your supermarket to stop antibiotics overuse

Overuse of antibiotics in livestock is leading to bacteria developing resistance to drugs, and these resistant bacteria can spread to humans.

Stop them privatising the aid budget

End the inhumane EU-Turkey deal

By being party to the EU-Turkey deal, the UK government has effectively shut down one of the safest routes for people fleeing for their lives. Ask foreign secretary Boris Johnson to call for an end of this deadly deal.

Stop the land and seed grab

Stop the land and seed grab

Farmer groups and social movements in Africa, and across the world, are calling on governments to stop supporting the New Alliance. Stand with them.

Switched on London

Ask the mayor of London for a fairer energy system

Email Sadiq Khan asking him to make sure Energy for Londoners is the fair, clean, democratic energy system that our city needs