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Take action online and make your voice heard.

Stop the land and seed grab

Stop the land and seed grab

Farmer groups and social movements in Africa, and across the world, are calling on governments to stop supporting the New Alliance.

Expose the Gates Foundation

Expose the Bill Gates foundation

We have uncovered evidence to show that big business is directly benefitting as a result of the foundation’s activities. Take action.

TTIP Free Zones

Make the UK a TTIP free zone

TTIP, the EU-US trade deal, could be the biggest threat to democracy of our generation. Our campaign seeks to unite councils across the country who are concerned with the impact of TTIP on local democracy. Pressure your council to be a TTIP free zone.

Stop undemocratic corporate courts

Stop undemocratic corporate courts

A year ago the EU and Canada finished negotiating a toxic trade deal, known as CETA, that includes a secret corporate court system that would allow big business to sue our government Email your MEPs now and tell them to stop CETA.

Nigeria privatisation

The support for energy privatisation in Nigeria is not acceptable

Sign our petition to ask development minister Nick Hurd to stop wasting UK aid money on this failed scheme.