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TTIP and trade justice

March 2016

A resource pack on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership for churches.

The pack incorporates prayers, writings and ideas by people from a range of Christian traditions  who share a conviction that trade injustice is a barrier to the fullness of life promised by the kingdom of God, and includes:

How two of our supporters (almost) inspired me to run a marathon

05 January 2016

“If I can just make it up that hill…” I thought, gasping for air on a cold January morning. I did make it to the top but it’s safe to say, I wasn’t very fit. I had struggled to run just 3k and in a few months I was going to participate in a 10k charity run. “I’ll never make New Year’s resolutions again”, I promised myself as I walked home.

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NoTTIP Action Pack - 12 July

June 2014

Action pack for the noTTIP day of action on 12 July 2012