Imagine if the NHS couldn’t afford to save your life

November 2017

All over the world, drug companies are charging extortionate prices for medicine, preventing people accessing treatment.
It’s time to put people before profit in the global drug industry.

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Bin the Daily Mail poster

September 2017

Hate-filled media stories are creating a violent culture of hostility towards migrants and refugees.

Help us take a stand against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail. Print out our 'Bin the Daily Mail' A3 poster below and put it in your window, so that together we can spread the word about the Daily Mail’s hate speech and how it affects our communities.

New and updated M&S and Daily Mail materials

May 2017

As part of our campaign against hateful media coverage of migrants and to get M&S to stop advertising in the Daily Mail, we've created some new materials and updated others in the light of feedback from supporters from and activists. Below you can download a new banner against M&S, a new 'Bin the Daily Mail' poster, and updated versions of our M&S leaflet and poster. 

Order materials through our campaign pack order form, or send a bespoke request to 


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Stop secret trade deals flyer for groups

November 2015

A flyer for local Stop TTIP or local Global Justice Now groups to inform people about transatlantic trade deals, what action they can take, and encourage them to join a local group.

TTIP Free Zone poster

June 2015

Declare your town a TTIP Free Zone with this poster

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Leaflet: Mapping dirty finance

March 2013

Map of destructive coal projects and their links to UK finance