People at Global Justice Now


Nick Dearden, director

Campaigns and policy team

Dorothy Grace Guerrero, policy and advocacy manager
Heidi Chow, senior campaigns officer (food)
Effie Jordan, campaigns assistant
Guy Taylor, campaigns officer (trade)
Aisha Dodwell, campaigns and policy officer 
Kahra Wayland-Larty, campaigns and policy assistant
Morten Thaysen, campaigns and policy officer (corporates)
Jean Blaylock, policy officer (trade and food)

Activism team

James O'Nions, head of activism
Ed Lewis, groups officer
Laura Williams, activism officer (Manchester)
Sam Lund-Harket, activism assistant
Melissa Céspedes del Sur, youth activism intern

Scotland team

Liz Murray, head of Scottish campaigns
Jane Herbstritt, campaigns assistant
Kirsty Haigh, activism and events officer

Communications team

Jonathan Stevenson, communications manager
Kevin Smith, media officer
Oriana Lauria, digital communications officer
Radhika Patel, communications and campaigns assistant

Fundraising team

Sandra Wild, head of fundraising
Catherine Martin, Grants Manager
Debby Boon, fundraising officer
Eleanor Williams, fundraising assistant
Malise Rosbech, supporter care and engagement assistant
Jay Cedras, fundraising administration assistant

Resources team

Steven Thomson, head of resources
Martyn Barson, data processing assistant
Angela Heasman, finance officer
Graham Whitehouse, ICT officer
Polly Moreton, resources assistant


Natasha Adams
Suzanne Freegard
Paul de Hoest
Kathryn Excell
Martin Powell
Asad Rehman
Steve Rolfe
Susanne Schuster
Mary Steiner
Andrew Taylor
Louise Taylor


Aisha Dodwell

Campaigns and policy manager
Aisha Dodwell

Aisha Dodwell joined Global Justice Now in July 2015. She works on policy and campaign strategy across a number of topics including food sovereignty, aid policy, migration and corporate power. Aisha previously worked with the international humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) managing their policy and public engagement work in the UK. She also spent four years as a part-time lecturer at Kingston University, teaching undergraduate courses in global politics and human rights. Aisha holds an MSc in Population and Development, a B.A.

Alex Scrivener

Policy officer
Alex Scrivener

Alex is the policy officer at Global Justice Now.

Angela Heasman

Finance manager
Angela Heasman

Angela is finance manager at Global Justice Now, having joined in November 2010. She started work in the voluntary sector many years ago helping to run a small London housing co-operative. She has worked in a variety of financial management and accountancy roles, mainly for a large social housing and care provider. She has also worked for a small housing charity for Irish people in London, and prior to joining Global Justice Now, for Richmond Fellowship, a large mental health charity.

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Catherine Martin

Grants manager
Catherine Martin, Grants Manager at Global Justice Now

Catherine manages Global Justice Now’s funding from trusts and foundations. She previously worked for Restless Development, Health Poverty Action, and Deaf Child Worldwide, and, before that, the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group. Catherine also spent three years working with an indigenous Burma land rights network in northern Thailand. She loves museums, graphic novels, and amateur dramatics.

Debby Boon

Fundraising and supporter engagement manager

Debby first joined Global Justice Now in 2011 as a campaigns and policy intern before going on to join the fundraising team as supporter services officer and later becoming our fundraising and supporter engagement manager. She graduated from the University of Sussex in 2005 with a degree in Social Anthropology with Development Studies before working for a number of teams at Brighton and Hove city council, including working with young asylum seekers and in Sure Start centres. She has also spent time living in France pursuing her interest in languages.

Dorothy Grace Guerrero

Head of policy
 Dorothy Grace Guerrero

Dottie joined Global Justice Now in January 2017. Her work as organiser, researcher/analyst, educator, and campaigner in social movements and NGOs spans almost 30 years. She works on and writes about climate change and energy issues, impacts of globalised trade and investments on people’s livelihoods in Asia, China‘s new role in the global political economy and other economic justice concerns. Originally from the Philippines, she has worked in the local, regional and international levels and has lived in The Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and South Africa.

Ed Lewis

Groups officer
Ed Lewis

Ed is Global Justice Now’s groups officer. He works with the network of local groups to maximise the impact of Global Justice Now’s campaigns and develop a culture of vibrant and effective activism. Ed comes to Global Justice Now after several years of working as a teacher in state education, during which time he has also been involved with various political education projects, including Demand the Impossible, a summer school on political activism for inner-city London teenagers.

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Effie Jordan

Campaigns officer
Effie Jordan

Effie is a campaigns officer at Global Justice Now, having first come across the organisation when she was in the throes of moving abroad to work on programmes to combat poverty in Africa. Global Justice Now made her realise to her horror that much of the poverty there existed due to UK international policies. Effie then traded a life in the sunshine for life in the inner city and initially volunteered at Global Justice Now before moving into her current role. Effie has a Master's degree in Development.

Eleanor Williams

Fundraising officer

Eleanor joined Global Justice Now in 2015 as the fundraising officer. She previously worked at Survival International, which campaigns for indigenous peoples’ rights. She also worked at SOPHIA, a grassroots, rights-based NGO in northern India, which works with nomadic buffalo herders. Eleanor has a BSc in Anthropology from University College London, where she also campaigned against the trade of conflict minerals. In her spare time she volunteers at Room to Heal, a therapeutic community for refugees. She also likes hiking, cycling, ceramics and writing cringey poetry.

Graham Whitehouse

ICT manager

Graham is information and communications manager at Global Justice Now. After studying at Goldsmiths in the 1990s he spent a brief period teaching before moving into IT. Graham came to Global Justice Nowas a contractor and liked it so much decided to apply for a job. He has managed several large projects including the migration of Global Justice Now’s database to a SQL based CRM system and the complete rebuild of Global Justice Now’s computer network and phone system.

Guy Taylor

Campaigner manager (trade)
Guy Taylor

Guy joined Global Justice Now in November 2014 to focus on the campaign against TTIP. He previously worked for the Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants and before that for anti-capitalist group Globalise Resistance. He has been tear gassed in nine different countries, has uncovered a police spy, and lives with his partner and young son in SE London.

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Heidi Chow

Senior campaigns manaher
Heidi Chow

Heidi works on Global Justice Now’s agribusiness campaign to challenge the corporate take-over of Africa’s food systems as well as supporting the global movement for food sovereignty. Heidi has previously campaigned on issues such as food speculation, Europe’s bilateral trade deals, the World Trade Organisation and stopping RBS’s unethical investments. 

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James O’Nions

Head of activism
James O’Nions

James heads up the activism team, which helps our network of local groups to campaign and organises our main public events. James has a background in anti-globalisation and anti-war activism and has previously worked at the Campaign Against Arms Trade. He was also an editor of Red Pepper magazine for five years.

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Jane Herbstritt

Campaign officer, Scotland
Jane Herbstritt

Jane is Scottish campaigns assistant and works with Liz in Global Justice Now’s office in Edinburgh, giving a Scottish perspective to Global Justice Now campaigns. She works with Global Justice Now's Scottish local groups, organises events and writes the Scottish newsletter and other publications.

Before working for Global Justice Now, Jane worked for Scottish Environment Link as a parliamentary officer, and for the Scottish Civic Forum.

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Jay Cedras

Fundraising administration officer

Jay is the fundraising administration officer at Global Justice Now. Prior to that she worked for a social inclusion charity focusing on youth engagement and activism. She also been involved with international development projects, working with organisations such as Restless Development and World Vision in India and Honduras respectively. Jay has a BA in Politics and Economics and is currently studying MSc Global Governance and Ethics at University College London. In her spare time she hugely enjoys painting. 

Jean Blaylock

Policy officer (trade and food)
Jean Blaylock, policy officer at Global Justice Now

Jean works on Global Justice Now’s trade campaign and food campaign. She previously worked at the UK Food Group, ACORD and the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

Jonathan Stevenson

Kahra Wayland-Larty

Campaigns and policy officer
Picture of Kahra in Richmond park

Kahra is a campaigns and policy officer, working across all of Global justicew Now's campaign areas. Kahra's background is in youth work management, she's passionate about political activism, and came to Global Justice Now from the digital campaigning organisation 38 Degrees.

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Kevin Smith

Media manager
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is the media manager at Global Justice Now. He joined in October 2014, after having spent 6 years at Platform overseeing their communications development and campaigning against oil sponsorship of the arts. He has been active on climate justice issues since the mobilisation at COP 6 summit in The Hague in 2000, and also spent time living in Spain on politically-engaged land based projects. In his spare time he obsesses about obscure disco records and hangs out with his cat.

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Laura Williams

Activism officer (Manchester)
Laura Williams

Laura is Global Justice Now’s Manchester-based activism officer. She supports people taking action on global justice issues in the north of England. Laura previously worked on sustainability campaigns for the National Union of Students.

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Liz Murray

Head of campaigns, Scotland
Liz Murray

Liz Murray is head of campaigns and policy at Global Justice Now’s Scottish office. She works to strengthen Global Justice Now’s campaigns by adapting them to the Scottish context, lobbying Scottish MPs, MEPs and MSPs and working with Global Justice Now’s local groups in Scotland. Before Global Justice Now, Liz worked as a researcher at the Scottish Parliament and as a campaigner on environmental justice for Friends of the Earth Scotland. Liz previously worked as a campaigner on green economics and climate change for Greenpeace in the UK and in Australia and as a volunteer in Zimbabwe.

Malise Rosbech

Supporter care and engagement officer

Malise joined Global Justice Now in July 2015 as the supporter care and engagement officer after a few years in the humanitarian sector. She also works as an editor and publisher of the feminist periodical, HYSTERIA, and has formerly been involved in The Women's Empowerment Project and the Feminist Library in London. Malise has a Master's degree in Contemporary Philosophy and Critical Theory and a Post-graduate Certificate in Development Studies. 

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Martyn Barson

Data processing officer

Martyn is data processing officer at Global Justice Now. He started working at Global Justice Now in 2009 as a resources volunteer. Prior to that, Martyn worked at St George’s hospital, Tooting and as a volunteer for the development charity Restless Development in Nepal working with young people. Outside of Global Justice Now Martyn enjoys mountain biking and claims to be Global Justice Now’s mass participation sports expert. 

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Morten Thaysen

Campaign and policy manager (corporates)

Morten is a campaigner at Global Justice Now focusing on corporate power. He is also a co-founder of activist group Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants. He has an MA in Anthropology of Development from SOAS.

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Nick Dearden

Nick Dearden, photo by Genevieve Stevenson

As director, Nick manages the staff team and resources on behalf of Global Justice Now's members. He is also the public face of the organisation. Nick started his career at War on Want where he became a senior campaigner. He went on to be corporates campaign manager at Amnesty International UK. As director of the Jubilee Debt Campaign, he built strong relationships with campaigners in the global south. He helped win a new law to stop Vulture Funds from using UK courts to squeeze huge debt payments out of poor countries. Nick joined Global Justice Now in September 2013.

Oriana Lauria

Digital communications manager
Oriana Lauria - digital communications manager

Oriana is the digital communications manager at Global Justice Now, looking after the website, social media, emails to supporters and all things digital. She previously worked and volunteered for Greenpeace International and ActionAid UK, before joining Global Justice Now in 2016. In her spare time she runs her own travel blog and enjoys drawing, travelling and eating cheese.

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Polly Moreton

Resources officer

Polly is the finance officer at Global Justice Now. 

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Radhika Patel

Communications and campaigns officer

Radhika joined Global Justice Now in May 2017 as the communications and campaigns officer, working on things digital and corporations related. Before joining Global Justice Now she was the network and communications assistant at Stamp Out Poverty which oversees the Robin Hood Tax campaign. 

Sam Lund-Harket

Activism and events assistant
Sam Lund-Harket

Sam organises some of Global Justice Now’s key national events and supports our network of local groups. Before joining the activism team, Sam worked in the campaigns team on climate justice and energy democracy. He is also involved in grassroots climate activism, including through Reclaim the Power and has lived and worked at Grow Heathrow, a community garden and sustainable housing project. 

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Steven Thomson

Head of resources
Steve Thomson's portrait picture

Steve Thomson is head of resources at Global Justice Now, responsible for office admin, finance, HR, IT, data processing,  and a few other things which don't fit in anywhere else.  (Fortunately, Angela, Graham, Martyn and Polly do most of the work.)

In a former life, he was responsible for finance at Greenpeace UK, and amassed a large collection of vintage Penguins.

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Tamara Hopewell Barreda

Activism intern

Tamara is part of the activism team to Global Justice Now, with a particular focus on the Youth Network. She has been part of different campaigns and collectives here in the UK working with groups such as Brick Lane Debates and UCL cut the rent. She has also participated in politics across the globe, from work with the Sandinista government in Nicaragua to organising with the autonomous student movements in Chile.