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Treating cattle with hormones to increase growth has been banned in the UK for decades because of the risks to human health – scientists have been unable to find any safe level for consumption. 

More than 70 organisations and 700 people from over 50 countries have called on the Bolivian government to drop its false charges against its former UN representatives, Pablo Solón and Rafael Archondo and to stop the proposed hydroelectric power projects, El Bala and Chepete.

  • MPs not allowed any information about Fox’s secret trade talks with USA
  • 16 trade unions and civil society organisations from the UK and USA call for trade talks to “be led by public input and take place in the light of day”
  • Of 318 lobby meetings over 6 month period, 90% were with business lobby

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A new report lays out the case for why a new, progressive vision for UK aid is urgently needed, arguing that it must be re-focused on principles of social justice and the need to redistribute economic and political power in the world. 

It’s extremely worrying that Liam Fox is starting to hammer out the details of a trade deal that will have enormous consequences for everyone in the UK

The government’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’ could have “fundamental long-term effects on rights, poverty and the environment” unless significantly reformed, warn campaign groups Another Europe is Possible and Global Justice Now today.

As the bill receives its first reading in the House of Commons, campaigners claim that the bill will hand sweeping powers to the government to make changes on a very wide range of regulation from working regulations to environmental protection to consumer protections.

The M&S Annual General Meeting was subject to protests today over its advertising links with the Daily Mail, with a coalition of 72 anti-racist and migrant rights groups signing an open letter to the board which accused M&S’s financial support for the Daily Mail of “actively contributing to the growing tide of harassment and violence that migrants (including asylum seekers and refugees), Muslims and people of colour are facing on the streets of the UK.”

Marks and Spencer will face calls at their AGM on Tuesday to stop advertising in the Daily Mail, with an open letter being delivered by a large cross section of UK anti-racist and migrant solidarity groups in which it says that, “M&S’s financial support for the Daily Mail is actively contributing to the growing tide of harassment and violence that migrants (including asylum seekers and refugees), Muslims and people of colour are facing on the streets of the UK.”

Campaigners and MPs have warned of a “decimation of rights” ahead of the publication of the Great Repeal Bill this week. The government is expected to announce the details of its flagship Brexit legislation this Thursday, with a Second Reading of the Bill expected at some point in autumn.

In response to the G20 communique, Nick Dearden, director of social justice group Global Justice Now said:

“Angela Merkel has managed to hold it together – just about. The divisions in the international elite have nearly been papered over by this statement, but at the expense of any meaningful strategy. The statement lacks any vision for getting us out of this crisis, takes no responsibility for the state of the world, and is evidently just so much hot air for most of the countries who signed onto it.

Modern trade agreements are increasingly not about tariffs but about making sure laws and regulations don’t obstruct the free flow of capital. Such ‘obstructions’ are likely to include public services like the NHS, labour rights, consumer standards and environmental protection. So it’s crucial that there is proper parliamentary oversight of these deals or we run the risk of free-market fundamentalists like Liam Fox junking vast swathes of the UK’s important legal protections without anyone being able to do anything about it. 

Politicians, civil servants and protestors convene in Hamburg for the start of the G20, in what’s billed as a showdown between Europe and the US over climate change, migration and free trade. But campaign group Global Justice Now has slammed the agenda as “the same tired and failed policies which produced monsters like Trump in the first place”. They argue for fundamental change to defeat the serious danger which the so-called right-wing populists like Trump represent to the future of the world.