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Today Greenpeace Netherlands have released 248 leaked pages of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiating texts. According to Greenpeace, “the documents unveil for the first time the US position and deliberate attempts to change the EU democratic legislative process.”

Reacting to the news, Guy Taylor, the trade campaigner at Global Justice Now said:

A new briefing from campaign group Global Justice Now lays out the reasons why progressive social change is more likely to be achieved staying in the EU rather than by leaving.

Nick Dearden the director of Global Justice Now said:

As the thirteenth round of negotiations of the free trade deal between the EU and the USA start in New York, a Freedom of Information Access (FOIA) request released today by campaign group Global Justice Now reveals that the only assessment that the government has carried out on the risk of introducing secret corporate courts under TTIP shows lots of risks and almost no benefit.

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now said in relation to President Obama’s visit to the UK:

“Refugees welcome” has been projected in giant letters across the iconic white cliffs of Dover, just before an alliance of racist far-right groups are due to hold anti-migration protests in the town of Dover. The projection was undertaken as a collaboration between campaign organisation Global Justice Now and guerrilla projectionists Feral X.

Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now said:

  • Shadow secretary of state for international development, Diane Abbott, calls for critical assessment of the free market reforms that ASI are pushing in the developing world
  • UK aid used to re-write laws in Afghanistan and privatise energy sector in Nigeria
  • Adam Smith International (ASI) given more funds than DfID spent on human rights and women’s equality organisations

New information from the UK government exposes a serious threat to Scotland’s sovereignty under the controversial trade deal between the EU and US  known as TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership).

Speaking at the start of the next EU-Turkey summit on migration, Nick Dearden, the director of the campaign organisation Global Justice Now said:

“The deal that the EU is striking with Turkey means that the EU is effectively outsourcing its human rights responsibilities to a brutal regime. The abandonment of any pretence of the EU’s principles means that we are now being blackmailed by Turkey, whose government every day embraces a little more authoritarianism while brutally attacking its Kurdish population.

Campaigners from across Europe are today staging a tug of war protest between big agribusiness and small scale farmers today, while a European parliamentary committee critically reviews the aid initiative, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

A controversial free trade deal between the EU and the USA is the subject of a new prayer pack that is being distributed to churches and Christian groups across the UK.

Today the European commission was due to vote on relicencing the chemical glyphosate which is commonly used in a variety of weedkillers, including Monsanto's Roundup. The vote was postponed after a number of countries, including Sweden, France, Italy and the Netherlands either called for more information, or opposed the licencing outright.

Aisha Dodwell, the policy and campaigns officer at Global Justice Now said:

Campaigners have slammed today’s EU-Turkey summit as ‘inhumane and backward-looking; the very opposite of what a modern response to people’s movement needs to look like’.