Over 25,000 migrants have died in their attempt to reach or stay in Europe since 2000. But this is not a crisis caused by migrants. It is a crisis caused by war, poverty and inequality. 

Here in the UK, it is a worrying time for immigrants. Theresa May has already abolished the post of refugees minister, broken her promise to end the detention of migrant children and is looking likely to take a strongly anti-immigrant stance in the Brexit negotiations. Meanwhile, there are signs that some within the Labour party are wavering on their commitment to free movement and migrant rights. 

Global Justice Now is fighting not only to defend the right to free movement in Europe, but also to extend it to more people. It is unacceptable that the wealthy can move their money across the world with very few limits while people fleeing poverty, oppression and war are met with repression. We must take action to defend the rights of these people.


Boris Johnson

End the inhumane EU-Turkey deal

By being party to the EU-Turkey deal, the UK government has effectively shut down one of the safest routes for people fleeing for their lives. Ask foreign secretary Boris Johnson to call for an end of this deadly deal.. 


This is not a 'migrant crisis'

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Freedom of movement can help us defeat poverty and inequality. It can help us to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as generate large flows of remittances from the global north to the global south. We need to argue for a better system and work towards free movement for everyone.

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