Over 25,000 migrants have died in their attempt to reach or stay in Europe since 2000. But this is not a crisis caused by migrants. It is a crisis caused by war, poverty and inequality. 

Here in the UK, migrants are under attack and xenophobia is on the rise. UK and European governments are increasingly adopting policies which demonise and criminalise migrants, and their response to the recent ‘migrant crisis’ focuses more and more heavily on a military approach. While the situation was bad before Brexit, things have got worse since with a sharp rise in racist attacks and increasingly hostile anti-immigration rhetoric being stirred up by a hateful anti-migrant media agenda.

Global Justice Now is fighting to resist harmful government policies as well as expose unacceptable media narratives and present more honest coverage of migrants.

We want to defend the right to free movement in Europe, but also extend it to people beyond Europe. It is unacceptable that the wealthy can move their money across the world with very few limits while people fleeing poverty, oppression and war are met with repression. We must take action to defend the rights of migrants and refugees.

The Sun newspaper

Call for an inquiry into press racism

UK media filled with hate against migrants, refugees & Muslims. Tell press watchdog  to hold an inquiry into press racism.

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Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Pledge to boycott the Daily Mail

Take the pledge now and stand up against the divisive media narrative in the Daily Mail.

Freedom of movement can help us defeat poverty and inequality. It can help us to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as generate large flows of remittances from the global north to the global south. We need to argue for a better system and work towards free movement for everyone.

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Prejudice against immigrants was one of the deciding factors in the Brexit Referendum. The issue of migration touches many raw nerves. There are many big national and personal interests at stake, as well as key principles, especially now that the number of people being displaced by conflicts and seeking refugee status is increasing.

Ditching free movement is more likely to lower British workers pay

21 September 2017

Our friends at Another Europe is Possible have issued a new report today, which suggests that ditching EU free movement rules will be bad for British workers. We agree – and think the same arguments apply globally.

Schools, hospitals and now banks - where will the 'hostile environment' end?

22 September 2017

Theresa May’s pet project of creating a 'hostile environment' towards migrants took a turn for the worse today. Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced that checks on 70 million bank accounts will start in the new year, and banks found providing banking services to irregular migrants will be penalised.