London South East

About usGlobal Justice London

We are the London South East group. We campaign locally on Global Justice Now issues.

What sort of issues? We want justice for the world’s poor. Our main campaigns are:

  • Cancellation of the debts owed to the richest countries by the poorest
  • Reform of the world’s trading rules in favour of the poor
  • Reform of the world’s banking system to make it more fair and honourable
  • Climate Change and its effects on the poor
  • Support for the Trade Justice Movement
  • Promotion of fairly traded goods which guarantee a higher income to the world’s poorest producers

Contact us

We meet on the First Monday of every month – at the All Inn One Pub at Forest Hill, starting at 7.30 for a couple of hours. JOIN US! If you want to get in touch before you come, email us using Don’t worry if alcohol isn’t your style – this pub serves every kind of hot and cold drink - and we tuck ourselves into a quiet spot.

  • We organise public meetings and run street stalls to take our ideas to a wider audience.
  • We make what we do eye-catching to get press coverage for our ideas and reach yet more people.
  • We write to MPs and MEPs to argue for specific changes.
  • We visit MPs and MEPs to put our views in person.
  • We hold regular, informal meetings and social events to keep in touch and informed.

Do join us! For more information, e-mail the group on

Event at Nunhead, London