...and you made your own decisions...

If the land belongs to you, you decide what to grow and how.

If you save seeds each year then you get good seeds for free and these don’t require chemicals

If big business or elites own the land, they can charge you rent. They decide what you grow and how.

If you buy seeds from seed companies... pay every year and these need chemicals.

You buy expensive chemicals every year to fertilise the soil and get rid of pests.

Repeated use reduces soil quality.

You grow just one type of crop to supply to global corporations.

The crop may be exported to feed people in other countries, or biofuels or animal feed

You use your own compost to fertilise the soil and grow special plants to repel pests.

Composted soil remains fertile for years. And doesn’t cost extra money.

You grow a wide range of crops. This gives you a healthy diet and reduces the risk of crop failure.

Excess crops are sold in local markets for income

....and the corporations made your decisions

I control
my farm

Corporations control
my farm

First you need land

First you need land

Next, you need seeds

Next, you need seeds

Then you plant your seeds

Finally you harvest the crops

Then you plant your seeds

Our food is produced in
two different ways

which way would you choose?

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Imagine you are a farmer

Imagine you are a farmer

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The UK government is helping big business to expand the corporate-controlled model of food at the expense of small-scale producers across the world.



So which system would you choose?