Now is the time to stop banks driving up food prices!

On 4th September the EU meets to agree rules on food speculation, by which banks place bets on the price of food. It can mean big profits for the banks, but dramatic spikes in the cost of food for poor people around the world. The outcome of the meetings hangs in the balance as the financial lobby is fighting hard against regulation.

You can join the campaign at this key time. Play the snake game using the arrow keys on your screen or keyboard and uncover the top five food speculators.

We’re taking part in a stunt on 4th September calling on the EU to rein in the banks. We’re making a hazard tape to wrap around the bankers – you can help make sure it’s long enough to get noticed.

Play the game and enter your score on our LEADERBOARD. For every person who signs up we will lengthen the barrier tape by 10cm - whatever score you get!

Good luck and have fun!





Thanks for playing. We hope you enjoyed this blast from the past!

Click on the SIGN UP button to add your name to the LEADERBOARD and lengthen our actual barrier tape by 10cm at the same time. The total length will be used at a stunt to rein in the banks, in Brussels at the 4 September meeting. The more people who sign up, the greater the impact we will have to stop bankers betting on hunger.


Sign up to enter your score to the LEADERBOARD and add your name to our campaign against excessive speculation on food in financial markets.

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