How we're funded

We are proud to be a hard-hitting, cutting edge organisation that campaigns on complex and important issues that others won’t touch. To protect our independence and legitimacy we do not seek or accept funding from corporations, government or institutions that would try to compromise or water down our aims.

This is why we are proud that around two thirds of our funding from individuals who share our vision of a just world, supporting us through donations, regular gifts, membership and legacies. We are also grateful for grants and donations from carefully selected trusts and foundations, and a number of faith based organisations, which contribute around a third of our income.

Global Justice Now is a campaigning organisation with a charitable arm which allows us to claim Gift Aid on many of our donations without compromising our ability to speak out on big issues.

How we spend it

Most of our income goes directly to our campaigns. Some is invested in communicating our campaigns to supporters and the public, and fundraising to ensure we can go on fighting injustice into the future. The rest goes towards the governance of Global Justice Now.