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Edinburgh activists Hunger Summit demo - June 2013
Photo: Edinburgh activists at the Hunger Summit, June 2013

The UK government is helping corporations to take over Africa's food

Huge corporations are taking control of Africa’s food, at the expense of the small-scale farmers who feed most of the continent. And the governments of rich countries are assisting this corporate take-over.

The UK government is colluding with corporations like Monsanto, Unilever and Nestlé through the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, which helps big business get access to Africa’s land, seeds and markets. The government is channelling £600 million in aid money through the New Alliance.

Farmers’ groups in Africa have described schemes like this as ‘a new wave of colonialism’ - a twenty-first century bid to take control of Africa's land and resources.

People are fighting to win back control over food, through the international movement for food sovereignty. In Africa, small-scale farmers are fighting to keep control of their land and seeds, to produce food sustainably, and to prioritise food for local populations over exports.

To help ensure people in Africa can feed themselves, the governments of rich countries like the UK must stop funding the corporate takeover of Africa’s food and  instead use aid money to support moves towards food sovereignty and agroecology.


Infographic - extraction

The new scramble for Africa. The race to extract Africa's resources for export to foreign markets instead of feeding local people.

Interative infographic

Infographic - expanding control

The new scramble for Africa. The rush to take control of Africa's seed system.

Food Sovereignty

Food Soverereignty

We are supporting the UK movement for food sovereignty, making links with local food movements in Africa and around the world

Corporate Agriculture

Corporate agriculture

We are exposing the impact of corporate agriculture on communities across Africa