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Why trade deals are a threat

A new wave of trade deals are being negotiated that threaten democracy, public services and the environment worldwide. If agreed, these secretive deals will give big business unprecedented new powers.

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What is TTIP? 

TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is) is a trade deal currently being cooked up in secret between the EU and the US. Despite the name, TTIP isn’t mainly about trade. It’s more about removing important safeguards for our health and allowing corporations to sue governments.

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What is CETA? 

CETA (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is a deal negotiated between the EU and Canada. Like TTIP, CETA gives new powers to big business and could have wide-ranging effects on our lives.

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Other toxic deals 

TISA and TTP are other two trade deals that give corporation sweeping new powers at the expense of democracy.

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Make the UK a TTIP Free Zone

Fight TTIP at a local level - find out if your council has voted against TTIP

CETA: TTIP's ugly brother

Ask your MP to oppose the toxic EU-Canada deal

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In or Out, the EU-Canada trade deal would mean a massive corporate power grab

10 June 2016

Trade deals are looming large in the referendum debate here in the UK. The public at home and across Europe are increasingly asking questions about whom they are made for and why such secrecy surrounds them. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks began entirely hidden from public scrutiny with the backing of European prime ministers.

This is not about Britain vs the EU - but the people vs big business

26 May 2016

Minutes just leaked from an obscure EU meeting show Cameron’s government is pushing to implement a dangerous trade deal called CETA without parliamentary consent.

Big Tobacco lost to Australia over plain packaging - but that doesn't mean that corporate courts 'work'

20 May 2016

Late last year tobacco company Philip Morris International’s (PMI) attempted to sue the Australian government for billions over the introduction of plain packing of cigarettes. This court case happened in a secretive court system, just like the one that they are trying to introduce in the EU-USA trade deal, TTIP.

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Responding to the news that the European Commission had granted a temporary licence to the controversial chemical glyphosate, Heidi Chow, a food campaigner with Global Justice Now said:

"Extending the licence for glyphosate for 18 months means another 18 months of hundreds of thousands of tons of a ‘probably carcinogenic’ chemical being sprayed on our parks, our farms and in our gardens.

Responding to the results of the EU referendum and the impacts on TTIP, Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now said:

Today Jeremy Corbyn announced that the Labour Party will oppose the EU-US trade deal TTIP "as it stands" at a rally in central London. 

Responding Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today, Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now said:


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TTIP update for Scottish activists - June 2016

June 2016

Welcome to this month’s update on TTIP, CETA and other dodgy trade deals, for Scottish activists.

In this month's edition, there are motions lodged in the UK and Scottish parliaments demanding that our national and regional parliaments are able to debate CETA before it is implemented. Please ask your local MP and MSPs to sign them!

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If we support fairtrade...then we must oppose TTIP and CETA

May 2016

This briefing looks at how fairtrade and the countries in the global south that benefit from fairtrade schemes will lose out if mega trade deals like TTIP and CETA are ratified.

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TTIP update for Scottish activists - May 2016

May 2016

Welcome to this month’s update on TTIP, CETA and other dodgy trade deals, for Scottish activists.

In this month’s edition, with CETA getting perilously close to ratification, help us demand that Prime Minister David Cameron veto the treaty until a proper debate is held by the UK parliament.