Trade deals threaten democracy and the environment worldwide
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Trade deals: a corporate power-grab

A new wave of trade deals are being negotiated that threaten democracy, public services and the environment worldwide.

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Governments should be accountable to people, not big business

We want a very different trade system – one which works for people and planet rather than profit.

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Make the UK a TTIP Free Zone

Fight TTIP at a local level - find out if your council has voted against TTIP

CETA: TTIP's ugly brother

A little known toxic trade deal is set to sign away our democracy. Take action now

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Big Tobacco lost to Australia over plain packaging - but that doesn't mean that corporate courts 'work'

20 May 2016

Late last year tobacco company Philip Morris International’s (PMI) attempted to sue the Australian government for billions over the introduction of plain packing of cigarettes. This court case happened in a secretive court system, just like the one that they are trying to introduce in the EU-USA trade deal, TTIP.

TTIP’s looking a lot less likely, but we’re still not safe from toxic trade deals

04 May 2016

Could things get any worse for TTIP? On Monday the hugely damaging leak of consolidated texts confirmed exactly what everyone had feared about the deal, with all its massively pro-corporate provisions on display for everyone to see.  And then the following day the French government launched one of the most high profile attacks on TTIP that’s ever been seen.

How TTIP and CETA got a little bit less likely last week

29 April 2016

This week, the chances of passing corporate trade deal TTIP have been dealt several more serious blows. Even chances of passing TTIP’s sister agreement CETA (the Canada-EU deal) are starting to look decidedly shaky.

Here’s the key highlights of the week.

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In response to David Cameron’s capitulation on the TTIP amendment to the Queen’s Speech, Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now said:

Responding to the proposed amendment to the Queen's Speech, being tabled by Labour and supported by 25 Tory backbenchers that say that they, “respectfully regret that a Bill to protect the National Health Service from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership was not included in the Gracious Speech,”

Nick Dearden the director of Global Justice Now said:

Today Greenpeace Netherlands have released 248 leaked pages of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiating texts. According to Greenpeace, “the documents unveil for the first time the US position and deliberate attempts to change the EU democratic legislative process.”

Reacting to the news, Guy Taylor, the trade campaigner at Global Justice Now said:


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TTIP update for Scottish activists - May 2016

May 2016

Welcome to this month’s update on TTIP, CETA and other dodgy trade deals, for Scottish activists.

In this month’s edition, with CETA getting perilously close to ratification, help us demand that Prime Minister David Cameron veto the treaty until a proper debate is held by the UK parliament.

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TTIP update for Scottish activists - April 2016

April 2016

With the Holyrood elections less than one month away, find out what each of the Scottish political parties are saying about TTIP and CETA and take action to persuade them to oppose these deals entirely. The STUC have called a day of action on dodgy trade deals for April 23: find out what Scotland Against TTIP is planning and how you can get involved. There's also the latest European and UK parliament news on transatlantic trade deals, interesting articles and blog posts, and the latest news from local stop TTIP groups across the country.

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TTIP update for Scottish activists - March 2016

March 2016

With the Scottish elections coming up, this latest edition looks at how to lobby your Scottish Parliament election candidates on TTIP and CETA using the new website that has been created for the Scotland Against TTIP coalition. We also have the latest on TTIP free local councils, and our new campaign on university TTIP free zones as well as more on the progress of TTIP and CETA, parliamentary updates, recommended articles and the latest campaign briefings.