Get active and jog for justice

Join us for the vibrant and scenic Brighton Marathon 2016

Stop conflict minerals

Fight corporations exploiting the resources of the poorest people on earth

Aid for people not business

Ask the new international development secretary, Priti Patel, to commit to spend UK aid money on poverty reduction, not big business.

Calling time on corporate crime

Too often big businesses get away with their crimes. Ask the UK government to support the UN process to introduce internationally binding regulation of corporations.

Break the climate of hate

Hate towards migrants and refugees fills the headlines. And inhumane government policies are stoking mistrust, with devastating effects. Help us stop the demonisation of people from ‘elsewhere’.

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Is corporate greed killing modern medicine? Animals, drugs and superbugs

09 February 2017

Imagine a world where a small cut could kill you or where treatments such as chemotherapy or caesarean sections would be too dangerous to perform. That could be our all-too-near-future if we don't take action.

Brexit White Paper – does it meet our Red Lines?

06 February 2017

Last week the government released their White Paper on Bexit. Despite stretching to 77 pages, it gives little concrete detail on how the government will go about this most massive of constitutional changes.

Theresa May in the US and Turkey: Not in Our Name

30 January 2017

Donald Trump’s presidency is turning out to be every bit as dangerous and divisive as we feared. His executive order instituting restrictions on refugees fleeing for safety and nationals from certain Middle East countries is a violation of the US’s international duties, and its impact will spread racism, hatred and fear in the US and beyond, given its specific impact on Muslims.

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A giant slogan of the words ‘Say no to Trump’ has been projected on the Houses of Parliament the day before a parliamentary debate on Trump’s state visit is due to take place, and the day before tens of thousands of people are expected to fill Parliament Square opposing the state visit.

This morning the International Development Committee published its Special Report on Conduct of Adam Smith International (ASI).

Research from social justice campaign organisation Global Justice Now has exposed the scandal of the 10 biggest corporations in the world making more money than most countries combined. 

In addition, research released today that focuses on Scotland shows that:


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Think Global Extra February 2017

February 2017


Welcome to the February issue of Think Global Extra, the bimonthly supplement to Think Global. Read it in conjunction with the last full Think Global from January.

Think Global January 2017

December 2016

Act locally with Global Justice Now. For previous editions, check out our Think Global page.



Dreaming of Empire? briefing


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Animals, drugs and superbugs

December 2016

Drug resistant bacteria are spreading across the world, threatening to turn previously treatable diseases into deadly killers. A big part of the problem is that the production and much of the use of antibiotics is in the hands of large corporations that seek profit over the wellbeing of people.but they will also be the first and hardest hit as cheaper forms of antibiotics become ineffective