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Africa is producing more and more food. Why is hunger rising?

Huge corporations are scrambling to take control of Africa’s food at the expense of the small-scale farmers who feed most of the continent.

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Small-scale farmers are fighting to win back control

Via the international movement for food sovereignty, small-scale farmers are fighting to keep control of their land and seeds, produce food sustainably and prioritise food for local populations over exports

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Expose Monsanto's toxic secret

Help shape a just trade system where all countries can support their small-scale farmers

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Five farmer movements fighting corporate power

14 April 2016

This weekend marks April 17. A day to celebrate small scale farmer movements across the world. These movements are all fighting for a model of farming that puts power in their hands, and resisting the fervent expansion of corporations who are increasingly snatching control over larger and larger swathes of land, seeds and soil.

EU votes to rein in ‘probably carcinogenic’ glyphosate - but not an outright ban

13 April 2016

Monsanto has suffered a blow today as the European Parliament has called for heavy restrictions on the use of glyphosate, one of their most lucrative chemicals, and the key ingredient in their flagship Roundup herbicide.

The return of the 'Hunger Games' - and how we're trying to stop it

21 March 2016

When it comes to financial market regulation, there is a lot at stake. And none more so than in the area of the commodities market where years of deregulation was a major factor in driving food price spikes back in 2008.

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Campaigners from across Europe are today staging a tug of war protest between big agribusiness and small scale farmers today, while a European parliamentary committee critically reviews the aid initiative, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

Today the European commission was due to vote on relicencing the chemical glyphosate which is commonly used in a variety of weedkillers, including Monsanto's Roundup. The vote was postponed after a number of countries, including Sweden, France, Italy and the Netherlands either called for more information, or opposed the licencing outright.

Aisha Dodwell, the policy and campaigns officer at Global Justice Now said:

A coalition of NGOs are today delivering an open letter to Lord Jonathan Hill, the EU commissioner responsible for financial services, urging him to tighten up rules proposed rules for addressing excessive price speculation on food and other commodities in financial markets.