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Our blog links experiences in the UK to issues affecting people globally, and covers everything from energy justice, climate change and the WTO, to TTIP, food sovereignty and aid.

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A clarion call from Mali - agroecology, not agribusiness!

04 March 2015

The International Agroecology Forum, which took place at the Nyéléni Centre in Mali last week, brought together a huge array of delegates ranging from peasants, family farmers, indigenous peoples, NGOs and academics to discuss how agroecology can help build an ecologically and socially just food system.

Operation Black Vote launches

27 February 2015

Yesterday, Operation Black Vote launched their voter registration campaign in Windrush Square, Brixton recognising the importance of the Black and minority ethnic vote which could sway the electoral outcome in up to 168 marginal seats in the forthcoming general election.

¡Sí, se puede! Defending the right to homes

26 February 2015

Having worked in housing for over five years – homeless hostels, local authority referrals – I eagerly awaited the screening of ‘Si se puede’ at Take Back Our World.

Seeds, solidarity and synergy: A visit from Samia Nkrumah

25 February 2015

When we found that Food Sovereignty Ghana had elected to send Samia Nkrumah to represent them at Take Back Our World, I was aware that it was a bit of a scoop.

Which groups are lobbying the UK government on TTIP?

24 February 2015

What unites the British Egg Industry Council and the social justice organisation Global Justice Now? And what puts consumer group Which?, food giant Tate & Lyle, and alcohol producer Diageo in the same camp?

Take Back Our World conference roundup

21 February 2015

The World Development Movement relaunched as Global Justice Now last month, opening a new chapter in the struggle for social and economic justice. Our launch event was held on Saturday 21 February in London's Rich Mix, featuring international speakers, films, workshops, music and art.

Time to take on the energy Monopoly – and win!

Today’s news that the Big Six are overcharging its most loyal and vulnerable customers up to £234 a year is just the latest evidence that energy privatisation doesn’t work.

A Slick Mystery: Holmes and Watson confront the oily criminal BP in the British Museum

12 February 2015

On Sunday, activists entered the British Museum and launched a guerrilla theatre performance featuring Holmes and Watson searching for the BP ‘criminal’ hiding in the museum.

TTIP – The Corporate Power Grab

11 February 2015

Guest blog by Laura Harrisson who came on the #noTTIP Train to Brussels with us last week.

Introducing our new magazine Ninety-Nine

09 February 2015

Why our new magazine is called Ninety-Nine: During the high times of globalisation, there was a common belief that we need not worry about the wealth of the rich, as long we made sure that the very poor were not being left behind...

A manifesto for global justice

06 February 2015

Ditching development doesn’t mean simply changing language – it’s about radicalising our demands and reassessing old and new political ideas. In this blog, I've made some suggestions for a global justice manifesto and invite you to take part in the debate.

Energy justice not packed lunches

The idea at the core of our energy justice campaign is that corporate control of energy has failed to deliver for people or the planet, and that more democratic ways of running our energy systems are needed if we want everyone to be able to access the energy they need without destroying the climate or anyone’s backyard. Events of this week have definitely demonstrated this.