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Our blog links experiences in the UK to issues affecting people globally, and covers everything from energy justice, climate change and the WTO, to TTIP, food sovereignty and aid.

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Cameron’s tired and repetitive arguments on TTIP at the G20

17 November 2014

It's no wonder that David Cameron felt the need to get so defensive about TTIP at the G20 conference in Brisbane this weekend.

TTIP's in trouble - but we need to stop all of it, not just bits of it

17 November 2014

It’s certainly good news that the French government has announced it will not sign the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement if the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism is included in the text.

Demanding energy justice

It’s been a busy few weeks for our energy justice campaign.

Last month we hosted activists from Colombia and Indonesia who are fighting destructive energy projects in their communities, and who came to the UK to challenge the involvement of London-listed BHP Billiton at their AGM.

Lawsuit served against European Commission for ‘stifling debate’ on TTIP

10 November 2014

This morning, we were part a broad coalition of groups serving a lawsuit in Luxembourg against the European Commission for stifling democratic debate on TTIP, and here’s why.

You spoke, we listened

08 November 2014

In 2013 we asked WDM supporters to share their views with us through our third supporter survey. We did this for one very simple reason: you, our supporters make our campaigns. Therefore by getting to know you better and listening to what you say we can take action to improve and adapt what we do and thereby make our campaigns even more effective.

For lower wages, higher inequality and more austerity – vote TTIP

07 November 2014

A new report on the EU-US trade deal – known as TTIP – has made some dire predictions about the long-term impact of the deal.

The fight for seed sovereignty in Ghana

06 November 2014

This week, WDM called on the UK Government to stop the backing the corporate takeover of seeds in Africa and beyond, and to protect the seed sovereignty for farmers instead. In just a few days, we’ve got cross-party support from MPs who have signed a ‘Seed Sovereignty’ early day motion in Parliament.

End Coal! WDM joins new global campaign for an end to dirtiest fossil fuel

04 November 2014

The battle against coal is heating up. From our very own Carbon Capital campaign to get the banks out of coal to the fossil fuel divestment movement being led by and People and Planet in the UK, more and more pressure is being brought to bear to end the coal industry.

Globalise struggle, globalise hope! – Friends of MST international gathering

03 November 2014

On the 25 and 26 October, 250 activists, union organizers, agricultural workers and producers met in a small city nestled in the Galician hills

Art and social change - confessions of a converted sceptic

03 November 2014

I can admit it. I used to be a political art sceptic. For a number of years when I was first involved in activism and mobilisations, I felt like the ‘real’ politics was happening on protests and actions and organising meetings.

It’s time to radically reduce inequality

31 October 2014

Last night I was defending the proposition that wealth needs to be aggressively reduced, alongside Jeremy Corbyn MP and Adam Swift at Warwick University.

This is more or less what I said: 

Fighting energy injustice at home

As part of the new phase of our climate and energy justice campaign, we’re looking at ways to make the links with struggles against corporate control of energy at home. Earlier this week, we attended the launch of Fuel Poverty Action's Energy Bill of Rights in parliament.