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A new year's revolution

05 February 2013

At 11.34am on Tuesday 22 January, more than 260,000 of us who had campaigned for a radical Robin Hood tax had big news: we had won.

Time for a food revolution

31 January 2013

A guest blog by Kate Griffin from Oxford WDM.

If the world produces enough food to feed everybody, how come hundreds of millions of people don’t get enough to eat? Last night’s film screening made it clear that the problem is with food distribution rather than production.

Vedanta: the world's most hated company?

16 January 2013

When the Independent referred to FTSE 100 company Vedanta Resources as the world’s most hated company, it wasn’t joking. Two and half years and later, the mining company is still sparking protests on several continents over its human rights abuses and environmentally destructive operations.

Doha climate talks: Scotland's contribution

05 December 2012

Last week, WDM’s press officer Miriam Ross blogged about an issue high on the agenda at the UN climate change talks in Doha: climate finance, or more specifically, the lack of it. Rich countries are spectacularly failing to cough up the money they promised to help poor communities in the global south adapt to the damage caused by climate change. 

Bankers Anonymous

01 December 2012

Watch out for a major part of WDM's food speculation campaign coming soon - Bankers Anonymous.

Taking on the economy, with a reading group

30 November 2012

Last week I went to my first reading group meeting. With the impacts of the financial crisis hitting the poorest people the hardest and a growing movement against austerity; I thought it was time to brush up on my knowledge of economics. The ‘Econo…what?’ reading group project provided the perfect opportunity for doing so.

To tweet or not to tweet? – that was the question

29 November 2012

A journey into the twitter-sphere by a previously reluctant group member: "Having carefully avoided this question for more months than I care to remember, through not wanting to spend still more time on a computer, a colleague’s comment after a lobby meeting got me thinking".

Global solidarity and action

28 November 2012

Is a concern for global justice just for the middle class? Does being poor mean you have to prioritise helping yourself?

I don't think so, and have the evidence!

Lara Marsh

19 November 2012

We would like to pay tribute to the life of Lara Marsh, who was WDM’s Events Officer from 2000 – 2002. Lara died tragically on 31st August this year, aged 37, having been diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2011.

Anyone who came into contact with Lara will remember how infectious her passion, inspiration and humour were. She joined WDM just as our campaign to stop the GATS trade agreement was picking up speed and set to work to find creative ways to involve WDM groups and activists in the campaign.  

The many dimensions of poverty

16 November 2012

The Oxford WDM group held a talk on the many dimensions of poverty with Sabina Alkire, director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI). Here is an account of the event by Kate Griffin from the Oxford group.

Speaking for WDM in Milton Keynes

13 November 2012

On 8 November the Milton Keynes WDM group took part in a panel discussion and ran a workshop at the Global Development Conference: The Millennium Development Goals - 'Are we nearly there yet?'. Read Pauline's account of what it was like to take part, and whether it was worth doing.

Econo...what? A reading group for the age of austerity

07 November 2012

Jubilee Debt Campaign along with other organisations including War on Want and the Trade Justice Movement has launched a new reading group Econo...what? for the age of austerity.