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Price-fixing carbon junkies and tar sand pancakes

30 May 2013

Morten Thaysen reviews what the news tells us about the current economic system of carbon capital and its ‘drill first, ask later’-logic

For your eyes only, HSBC?

22 May 2013

We have already revealed that the HSBC is funding £75 billion worth of fossil fuel projects worldwide. And it is no secret that these projects are not only the cause of the displacement of entire villages and local environmental degradation – but also of accelerating CO2 emissions that are already causing catastrophic changes to the climate. What remains a secret is the level of CO2 emissions HSBC is responsible for through its funding of companies and fossil fuel projects.

Taking local action against food speculation

08 May 2013

If you walk down the high-street you will find them. Even though they are mostly associated with the City of London, they are present in towns and cities across the UK. Banks speculating on food are present from town centres to government corridors – and so we must be, if we want to challenge them.

A special report from the Grim Reaper

19 April 2013

Morten Thaysen gives a special report from inside the Grim Reaper costume outside the Anglo-American AGM in London

A normal Thursday morning - with John Kerry

12 April 2013

Yesterday morning in central London was a morning like any other. It was a morning of world leaders and business executives developing new ways of destroying our planet for profit. But it was also a morning of an increasingly global protest against greed and environmental destruction.

Don’t cry over spilled Nutella – Cry over hunger!

11 April 2013

Today’s Guardian website features an article about “food crime” mentioning thieves who stole five tonnes of Nutella in Germany as a key example. But at the same time, food prices remain at close to record levels as bankers speculate on food, resulting in falling living standards in the UK and in hunger elsewhere. It makes you wonder: What is the real food crime here? Depriving a few people of Nutella or forcing millions into starvation?

Sarah Berger

05 April 2013

A tribute to Sarah Berger, a dedicated WDM campaigner and member of the Brighton and Hove WDM group, who passed away recently following a long battle with cancer.

Local papers highlight food speculation

05 April 2013

During the last couple of weeks WDM supporters from all over the country have written to their local newspapers as part of the Bankers Anonymous campaign.

Take the Occupy tour of the City of London this Saturday

02 April 2013

Dan Iles suggests a city tour with an activist twist to add to your weekend plans 

WDM joins Black Activists Rising Against Cuts with the launch of MLK 50

15 March 2013

This week I was proud to represent WDM at the launch of MLK50 at the House of Commons. MLK50 is an initiative in response to the cuts to, and privatisation of, our public services that has been driven by the neoliberal ideology of the Con-Dem government. 

Africa: Growing concerns

11 March 2013

Economic growth rates in many African countries have soared in recent years. But real development is still sorely lacking argues Rick Rowden in this guest post for our blog

What a racket

01 March 2013

Argentina has been battling vulture funds for over a decade from profiteering from its 2001 debt crisis. Jubilee Debt Campaign demonstrated to draw attention to a New York court case which will determine the outcome of an appeal against a $1.3 billion judgement for vulture fund NML Capital.