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Is Corbyn out of step on energy politics?

It’s funny how quickly things can change. In the wake of the general election, a mere three months ago, our campaign to push the UK government to support a more just and democratic energy system looked as if it might as well pack up and head to the pub for at least the next half decade.

Greece is for sale – and everything must go

19 August 2015

I've just had sight of the latest privatisation plan for Greece. It's been issued by something called the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund – the vehicle supervised by the European institutions, which has been tasked with selling off an eye-watering €50 billion of Greece's ‘valuable assets’.

Shutting down a coal mine on the road through Paris

The view is breath-taking and strangely beautiful as we reach the edge of the giant open cast coal mine. The surrounding landscape has turned from fertile cabbage fields to a gaping wound in the ground with no signs of life.

A wealth of inspiring struggles for equality and justice across Asia

19 August 2015

Focus on the Global South, a research and campaign network in Asia, celebrated its 20th anniversary this week by bringing together activists, mainly from across Asia, to discuss people’s struggles against and alternatives to neoliberalism and capitalism in the global south. I was lucky enough to be one to them.

Morrisons' Milk For Farmers is PR rather than a fair deal for farmers

13 August 2015

On Sunday, shoppers in Stafford’s Asda store were in for a shock. Seventy farmers marched through the store accompanied by two cows to hold a rally in the dairy aisle. They were there to protest that the milk they produce is being sold for less than a bottle of water by supermarkets.

Hammond’s anti-migrant tirade echoes Enoch Powell, and we should be worried

13 August 2015

It is depressing that so little has changed in almost half a century. In 1968, Enoch Powell gave his infamous Rivers of Blood speech. He predicted that immigration would cause falling living standards, shortages of hospital beds and school places and spoke of the ‘privilege’ that migrants enjoyed over and above the existing population.

Twenty years of the ever-inspiring Focus on the Global South

10 August 2015

This is not an ordinary day in the office. Today I am travelling to Manila, in the Philippines, to join one of our allies, Focus on the Global South, as it celebrates 20 years of activism.

We’re STILL not convinced by DfID’s support for the New Alliance

07 August 2015

The debate between Global Justice Now and DfID over the contentious New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition (New Alliance) seems to be going nowhere fast. Global Justice Now’s latest appeal to DfID to end their support to the New Alliance was met with an underwhelming response via a web statement in which DFID mount a somewhat unconvincing defence.

Demanding the impossible is very possible!!!

04 August 2015

Last week I attended an event at the University of East London (UEL) in Stratford designed to inspire young people to change the world. Many of these people (including myself) came without prior knowledge of politics and activism. At the end however, I left a room full of young people with the desire and the skills to take back their city of London.

Are dogs and fences really the answer to the migrant "crisis"?

31 July 2015

Today David Cameron announced that additional security personnel, sniffer dogs and fences will be sent to Calais to stop “migrants” from entering the UK. He couldn’t be more wrong in his approach. We need to address the conditions forcing people to migrate, not build more fences and walls.

Of islands and ghost towns: Here and no further for Germany's lignite mines

A friend of mine recently told me about her visit to a small village in Germany’s Rhineland, some 50 kilometres from Cologne. It was a beautiful summer’s day and she took a walk enjoying the peace and rural bliss around Holzweiler until a voice shouted, “I wouldn’t go there!” A man walking his dog approached. “It’s a ghost town! There’s only a few souls out there.”

Changing the world, one weekend at a time

24 July 2015

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, especially in London where months slip away with little change. And then, from time to time, you step into the unknown and suddenly just three days away can have a profound effect.