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Latest posts

Following in the footsteps of the Tolpuddle Martyrs

25 July 2013

Veronica and Laura from the North and East London WDM group took a WDM stall to the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. Read an account of the trip.

Join Foil Vedanta at Vedanta’s AGM on 1 August

23 July 2013

A guest blog by our friends at Foil Vedanta.

Blowing Carbon Bubbles

18 July 2013

This morning we descended upon the London Stock Exchange AGM to highlight the burgeoning carbon bubble that threatens both climate catastrophe and economic collapse if not promptly burst.

Getting ready for WDM in Newcastle

16 July 2013

I have just booked my train tickets to Newcastle for 8 August. I’m very excited about this, not only because Newcastle is one of my favourite cities, but because I’ll be travelling up for the launch of a new World Development Movement group in Newcastle. 

100km round London on a bike

02 July 2013

A couple of weeks ago some of my colleagues and I took on a 100km cycle ride across London.

Taking control of financial language: Cutting through commodities trading jargon

21 June 2013

The financial sector is a system of power. And like many systems of power, it has a way of keeping outsiders at bay, and the use of language is a very effective way of achieving this.

Community energy in west Java

18 June 2013

In west Java, communities are demonstrating how clean energy can be produced to meet their needs and not for the profit of major corporations. This is a story that is being replicated in many regions of Indonesia, in the face of energy access issues and the large scale exploitation of fossil fuel reserves for export.

The G8 is harking back to an era that no longer exists

14 June 2013

The UK hosts the G8 once again next week. In 2005, the Gleneagles Summit was marked as a milestone for international development – with deals on aid and debt relief dominating the headlines. It was meant to hail a brand new era of prosperity for developing countries and the world. Only it didn’t.

Oil City: site-specific theatre perfomances in London

04 June 2013

<p>Find out about the new piece of site specific theatre produced by Platform in London: a spy thriller for the post-Occupy era.</p>

A report from the Lapindo mud flow

03 June 2013

Andrew Taylor reports from a protest at the Lapindo mud flow in Indonesia.

They owe us: Why we need to take the climate crisis to the heart of global finance

31 May 2013

Over the past five years as recession has turned first into depression and then into slump, governments and corporations have been highly effective at putting climate change on the back burner; in the age of austerity, saving the planet is a frivolous luxury we simply can’t afford.