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Fair COP - How do we avoid another Copenhagen in Paris?

Last week, thousands converged in Tunisia for the World Social Forum to work on the issues that they hold in common. One important discussion was about the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris in December this year.

Genetically engineered trees: a new threat in Brazil

31 March 2015

On 9 April, Brazil may approve the commercial planting of eucalyptus trees that have been genetically engineered (GE) to grow faster. This would be a major problem for Brazil’s environment, especially its forests, and for local communities and indigenous peoples.

The public takes back control of water in Indonesia

27 March 2015

We have just heard that the privatisation of Jakarta’s water system has been struck down by the city court. The city’s contracts with two private water corporations were declared void, on the grounds that they had failed to meet the human rights of the citizens of Jakarta.

Tunis plans for Paris - Day 2 of a World Social Forum Diary

27 March 2015

The sheer number of sessions at the World Social Forum can seem quite overwhelming. The programme is divided into six different streams of discussion: citizenship; environmental justice; social justice; equality and rights; the economy and alternatives; migration.

Thunder in Tunis - Day 1 of a World Social Forum Diary

26 March 2015

Thunder rumbled as we got off the tram at assembly point for the opening demonstration of the World Social Forum in Tunis. The skies, which had been drizzling  on and off all day, let out a full-on downpour. Before we even started marching we were soaked.

If you want to know why TTIP would be a nightmare, look what just happened in Canada

25 March 2015

If anyone tries to convince you that TTIP is no threat to a government’s ability to protect its people, just point them to Canada.

Why it keeps kicking off everywhere

24 March 2015

Watch a film of Channel 4 journalist Paul Mason's talk at our launch event in February.

Youth, technology and resistance: an interview with Paul Mason

At Take Back Our World, the relaunch conference of Global Justice Now, 17 year-old Tito Mogaji-Williams sat down with the journalist Paul Mason to discuss the place of young people in relation to politics in an era of globalisation and rapid technological development.

The fight for seed freedom

23 March 2015

Today US AID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are hosting an invite-only, secret meeting with aid donors and big seed companies to discuss a strategy to make it easier for seed companies to sell patented ‘improved’ seeds in Africa. However this agenda will increase corporate control over seeds, benefitting big companies at the expense of small farmers in Africa.   

Most unelectrifying: The mainstream media’s fixation with aid

As the Chancellor prepares to deliver his Budget to Parliament today, the UK government’s commitment to ring-fence aid seems to be the mainstream media’s sole focus when it comes to global poverty. It’s the same every year.

We need aid for communities, not corporations

10 March 2015

Future UK governments will now be legally obliged to give at least 0.7% of our gross national income in aid. This is great news, but unfortunately an increasing amount of aid money is going to support privatisation and private profits. We must step up the fight to ensure that this money supports communities and not big business.

Will Labour MEPs back up their words on TTIP with action?

05 March 2015

Labour Party MEPs are claiming victory over pulling the Socialist and Democrats group in the European Parliament to a “very strong position paper on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), opposing the inclusion of the controversial mechanism in trade deals with both the US (TTIP) and Canada (CETA).” We should, however, be wary about rushing to congratulate them on a fantastic victory.