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The Landless Workers' Movement congress - in numbers

10 February 2014

I have just spent the week at the MST congress, in Brasília, having spent a few days in São Paulo trying to get to grips with a city that has more than 11 million inhabitants.

Preparing to go to Brazil

06 February 2014

Sarah Reader is preparing for her trip to Brazil to take part in the Landless Workers Movement Congress.

Not just a tea lady

06 February 2014

My name’s Lauren and I have been working at WDM on work experience for the past 4 days. It has been a really great week and I have been able to compare my politics lessons at 6th form college to the real world of campaigning.

Davos 2014: The arrogance of the elite hits a new high

29 January 2014

It was recently revealed that the 85 richest people now own as much as the poorest half of the world combined. Statements from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos suggest that the arrogance of the economic elite grows as quickly as their wealth.

Food speculation: the media coverage

28 January 2014

A popular media campaign on commodity derivative trading?? Well, yes!

From its launch in the summer of 2010, to the long-awaited victory earlier this month, the World Development Movement’s food speculation campaign was never out of the news for too long. Here are some of the highlights.

Some highlights from the food speculation campaign

23 January 2014

Good memories from years of campaigning on food speculation by Stephanie Lam from Brighton and Hove WDM and Steve Rolfe from Glasgow WDM.

Dressing up like an eagle (twice)

22 January 2014

Since working at WDM, I have often found myself doing unusual things such as dressing up in a shark costume or building a cardboard detonator for an action outside HSBC. I’d only been working at the organisation a couple of months before I was asked to climb into the front of a digger outside RBS to protest against their involvement in tarsands just another day (not) in the office!

Vedanta loses $10 billion investment at Niyamgiri and slips to FTSE 250

17 January 2014

Guest blog by Foil Vedanta about the inspiring struggle against Vedanta's environmental destruction in India

Recipe for campaign success

16 January 2014

Earlier this week EU negotiators agreed legislation which would see limits on food speculation introduced in Europe for the first time. It follows over three years of campaigning by WDM local groups, supporters and staff and our allies. Here’s how…

Join our Global Justice Junk Band

09 January 2014

The Global Justice Junk Band convenes every other Wednesday at WDM's London office. It's free, fun and informal, open to anybody wanting to make some noise for global justice.

Mandela and Ola: WDM celebrates the lives of two social justice giants

20 December 2013

This week WDM mourns the loss, and celebrates the life, of two great social justice giants. One, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, lived a life that was to be played out on the public stage. The other Ola Adeyemo transformed lives away from the glare of the world's media.

WDM London groups visit HSBC

19 December 2013

WDM activists from the London groups visited HSBC’s branch in Fenchurch Street as part of Dirty Energy Month. Guest blog post by Laura Boughey, WDM's area representative for London.