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Latest posts

E is for erosion

23 September 2014

Erosion is a great concern in Madagascar. In this picture you can see by its colour that the Betsiboka river carries a lot of sediment down to the sea. Photo by oledoe (cc)

Climate-smart corporate farming. What’s not to like?

23 September 2014

Today, governments and businesses will gather in New York to launch a new climate initiative; The Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA). But look a little deeper into GACSA’s strategy and who’s signed up to it, and things look a little less smart.

D is for drought

22 September 2014

The latest in our A to Z of food sovereignty: drought

C is for Conservation Agriculture

21 September 2014

The latest in our A to Z of food sovereignty: Conservation Agriculture (CA)

B is for biodiversity

20 September 2014

The latest in our A to Z of food sovereignty: biodiversity

“I used to see 30 types of bean in the market, but now I only see 2” – Ugandan farmer

A is for agroforestry

19 September 2014

The first article in our A to Z of food sovereignty is on agroforestry.

People power is the winner in the Scottish independence referendum

19 September 2014

The exceptional level of grassroots engagement and energy, and the huge turnout at the polls yesterday, is an all-too-rare example of people realising their power.  This is something to be celebrated and held on to.

Beyond Thursday's big vote

16 September 2014

As the big decision on Scottish independence draws close, thoughts are turning to what comes next - whatever the outcome. 

Obituary – Jim Dobbin

15 September 2014

It is with great sadness that we have today learned of the death of our good friend and benefactor Jim Dobbin MP.

Letter to Vince Cable on CETA

09 September 2014

Re: The inclusion of ISDS in Canada trade agreement

Celebrating seed sovereignty

09 September 2014

African farmers' ability to freely save and trade their seeds is under increasing threat from powerful seeds companies and a variety of complex new laws.

Sharon Bowles MEP: from MiFID to the London Stock Exchange

03 September 2014

WDM activists who took part in the successful campaign to tackle food speculation may well remember the name of Sharon Bowles MEP, a Liberal Democrat who chaired the European Parliament's economic affairs committee. In a shocking revolving doors case, she has now joined the financial sector.