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Food Rights vs Corporations

05 December 2013

The battle lines couldn’t be clearer at the WTO today – do you think ‘free trade’ is the answer to the world’s problems or must trade come second to a government’s ability to control its food system?

The media’s disgust with the South standing up for itself

04 December 2013

India is leading the charge for a very modest proposal here at the WTO which will allow the government to continue a programme to make the ‘right to food’ a reality for its people. The US and EU look determined to block this proposal, even at the risk of derailing the talks.

Protests at GCM Resources AGM over Bangladesh coal mine

04 December 2013

Protests were held outside the AGM of London-based mining company GCM Resources today over the company’s Phulbari coal mine in Bangladesh, which if it goes ahead will displace up to 220,000 people.

The low down

03 December 2013

The WTO has languished for 12 years, unable to push forward its agenda of trade liberalisation in the face of opposition from Southern governments and global organising by social movements, trade unions and campaign groups.

The G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition: an instrument to control African agriculture

27 November 2013

I joined WDM four weeks ago as an intern and I must say it is an exciting time for a start, as I will be involved in a new ambitious campaign that will be launched in the new year.

18th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni 9’s execution

26 November 2013


A guest blog from Platform's Sarah Shoraka.

Nature for sale

22 November 2013

Nature is up for sale! If you’re quick you might just get a good price on a piece of Scottish wilderness, as the World Development has listed Loch Ness for sale on the auction site eBay. We also tried to sell Ben Nevis, but for some reason eBay removed the listing. If you miss the auction, not to worry, just head down to the World Forum on Natural Capital taking place this week in Edinburgh. At this UN-hosted conference, governments, corporations and some conservationists are continuing their discussions on putting a price on nature.

Dodgy deals with nature

21 November 2013

As the World Forum on Natural Capital started this morning in Edinburgh, three rather dodgy looking salespeople turned up with their battered suitcase, offering to do a deal on Scottish natural landmarks.

Stop the Great Nature Sale

21 November 2013

During the next 2 days, the UN is hosting an international conference in Edinburgh to put a price on nature. Join our twitterstorm.

Live from the World Forum on Natural Capital

21 November 2013

Live coverage from the World Forum on Natural Capital in Edinburgh

Climate science explained - in just four minutes

13 November 2013

To coincide with the UN climate talks in Warsaw, New Internationalist has teamed up with carbon footprint analyst, writer, and performance poet Danny Chivers and film-maker Richard Roaf to create a series of short, lively videos

Crunch time for EU lobby register

07 November 2013

The EU lobby register is currently being reviewed and transparency campaigners are demanding that MEPs and the Commission shine a spotlight on Brussels' secret lobbyists.