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Energy democracy for London? The campaign begins...

In the UK the Big Six energy companies have come to control 90% of the country's energy supply. Switched On London offers an alternative.

The return of the 'Hunger Games' - and how we're trying to stop it

21 March 2016

When it comes to financial market regulation, there is a lot at stake. And none more so than in the area of the commodities market where years of deregulation was a major factor in driving food price spikes back in 2008.

Is the Scottish National Party in touch with its membership on TTIP?

17 March 2016

I think the short answer to that question recently is no.  But if our fringe meeting at the SNP conference last weekend was anything to go by, then the SNP would have to be wilfully deaf not to hear the vociferous opposition to TTIP and CETA from its party members.

Now’s the time to really challenge the New Alliance

16 March 2016

Tackling hunger and poverty on the continent of Africa evokes different responses but corporations together with rich countries are pushing through just one response: increase corporate control over land, seeds and farming inputs –all at the expense of small farmers who are the bedrock of food production on the continent.

What happened when 2000 people went to shut down Yarl's Wood

15 March 2016

The fences around Yarl’s Wood are tall and reinforced. Hundreds of us line up with our backs against them and kick with the flats of our feet. As the sound resonates and we hear the chanting from inside the detention centre, I realise the importance of us being there protesting in solidarity with people caught by our unjust immigration system.  

Crucial decision on Scottish land reform to take place in Holyrood tomorrow

15 March 2016

Tomorrow afternoon, members of the Scottish parliament will be voting through a new law that the Scottish government claims will bring about effective and radical land reform.  Except that as it stands, it lacks vital measures to make land ownership more transparent and to clamp down on the use of tax havens.

Phenomenal women fighting for justice, equity and peace

08 March 2016

The calendar is full of international days to mark one cause or another. There are too many to remember or pay special attention to. But today’s International Women’s Day is one I always remember. Here are just a few of the phenomenal women, to use Maya Angelou’s phrase, who have stood out for me this year in their fight for justice, equity and peace around the world. 

A bad day for Monsanto and a good day for public health, as weedkiller decision gets postponed

08 March 2016

A battle of corporate profit vs people’s needs has been fought out at the European Union over the past two days as heated negotiations took place about the re-licencing of a chemical that probably causes cancer in humans. It just so happens that this very same chemical makes millions in profit for the giant chemical and seed company Monsanto.

Global Justice Now members say: Stay in to change Europe

07 March 2016

Britain’s membership of the European Union has already started to consume political and media attention. So last month we asked our members and local groups what position they thought we should take on a referendum which threatens to marginalise other campaigning for the next four months.

The EU-Turkey summit exposes our inhumanity to refugees

07 March 2016

Europe is disintegrating before our eyes. Open and democratic societies cannot be built on fear and hatred.

If we support fairtrade, then we must oppose unfair trade deals like CETA and TTIP

02 March 2016

Supporting fairtade is surely a no brainer - and I've yet to meet a politician who doesn't think it's a good thing.  But ignoring (or worse still supporting) mega trade deals TTIP and CETA could threaten decades of good work to ensure that fairtrade supports small-scale producers. 

Corbyn's leadership and the democratic surge in the Labour Party

26 February 2016

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in September 2015 must rank as one of the most singularly unexpected events of recent British history. Even now it remains tricky to explain, unclear in its implications and unpredictable in its outcomes.