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Ghana’s Monsanto seed law faces set back

27 November 2014

When Ghana’s government embarked on passing a set of new seed policies into law last year, they were probably hoping to do so quietly. After all, they knew that if the Plant Breeders’ Bill came to the attention of the country’s farmers there would be mass opposition.

WDM and the Radical Independence Conference

27 November 2014

This weekend I joined over three thousand others as a delegate to the Radical Independence Conference in Glasgow, organised by the Radical Independence Campaign, whose mission is to promote a more democratic, equal and independent Scotland. Distancing themselves from nationalism and echoing the politics of the World Social Forum, they mobilise under the slogan ’Another Scotland Is Possible’.

Why my grandfather would hate the Monsanto law

26 November 2014

My grandfather (Paa-Kwasi) God rest his soul maybe spinning in his grave right now as I write! As a small-scale farmer, I believe he would not be pleased with the controversial 'Plant Breeders Bill', which those in power in Ghana are hoping pass as law.

TTIP - Global impacts but local council resistance

25 November 2014

French trade minister Nicole Bricq said in a speech in February 2014 “Let’s dream a little with respect to public procurement. Why not replace “Buy American” which penalises our companies with “Buy transatlantic” which reflects the depth of our mutual commitment?”

Such a sentiment has rung alarm bells across the EU and the US.

Rich countries cough up (some) for climate justice

24 November 2014

Countries from the global north have pledged $9.5 billion to help fight climate change. But it's going to take hundreds of billions more.

Efford’s NHS bill passes first reading - another blow to TTIP

21 November 2014

Today in Parliament, 241 MPs voted in favour of the Clive Efford's private member's bill aimed at preventing the privatisation of the NHS and 18 MPs voted against, which means that it has passed its first reading.

The battle for seeds in Colombia

20 November 2014

The battle against the corporate control of seeds is a struggle for many around the globe. Our friend Naira talks about the situtation in Colombia.

TTIP media - from blackout to splurge

19 November 2014

While Cameron was wishing for "rocketboosters" to strap on to the beleagured TTIP trade deal, last week saw a whole host of critical voices cropping up in the press.

Cameron’s tired and repetitive arguments on TTIP at the G20

17 November 2014

It's no wonder that David Cameron felt the need to get so defensive about TTIP at the G20 conference in Brisbane this weekend.

TTIP's in trouble - but we need to stop all of it, not just bits of it

17 November 2014

It’s certainly good news that the French government has announced it will not sign the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement if the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism is included in the text.

Demanding energy justice

It’s been a busy few weeks for our energy justice campaign.

Last month we hosted activists from Colombia and Indonesia who are fighting destructive energy projects in their communities, and who came to the UK to challenge the involvement of London-listed BHP Billiton at their AGM.

Lawsuit served against European Commission for ‘stifling debate’ on TTIP

10 November 2014

This morning, we were part a broad coalition of groups serving a lawsuit in Luxembourg against the European Commission for stifling democratic debate on TTIP, and here’s why.