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The agribiz Borg tried to assimilate me at the COP 21 climate talks

Have you seen Star Trek: First Contact? It’s the one where everyone’s favourite space-faring bald badass Jean-Luc Picard is fighting against the cybernetic Borg, who invade the Enterprise, and begin to assimilate its crew and modify the ship, planning to use it to attack and conquer Earth.

False solutions and real alternatives at the UN climate talks

It reminded me of a drawing I’d seen. It was a line drawing showing a young woman emerging from a London underground station right in to the middle of an English woodland. It felt very much like that arriving in the village of alternatives during the Paris climate talks this weekend.

Things I have learnt since being at the Paris climate talks

03 December 2015

It’s big, it’s dizzying and it’s inside an enormous aircraft hangar. Everyone seems to run around in a constant frenzy, people are dressed up as polar bears and penguins and handing out bars of carbon-neutral chocolate and big fancy industry booths from many different sectors are loudly proclaiming themselves to be THE solution to the world’s problems.

Five things to look forward at the Paris COP

We’ve always argued that we need to look beyond the negotiations towards building a stronger grassroots movement against climate change. It is not the conference outcome that is important, it’s the chance to add to this movement and take part in some of the important and useful events organised over the two weeks in Paris. Below are a few of the things that we’re looking forward to.

The Paris attacks make climate protests more important than ever

18 November 2015

It will be deeply ironic if climate activists from around the world are among the first to fall foul of France's emergency powers. Of course, those campaigners have nothing to do with the brutal attacks on Paris last Friday night. On the contrary, they will challenge the unequal, unsustainable and militaristic policies on which terrorism has thrived.

Food speculation rules face delay

16 November 2015

The financial press was buzzing last week with reports that the high profile EU legislation to tackle the financial crisis of 2007-8 is at risk of being delayed. This legislation was passed at the beginning of 2014 and thanks to public campaigning here in the UK and across Europe, includes provisions to tackle reckless betting on food prices.

The elephant in Paris – guns and greenhouse gases

13 November 2015

There is no shortage of words in the latest negotiating document for the UN climate negotiations taking place in Paris at the end of November – 32,731 words to be precise and counting. Yet strangely there is one word you won’t find: military. It’s a strange omission, given that the US military alone is the single largest user of petroleum in the world and has been the main enforcer of the global oil economy for decades.

“The top 10 myths about TTIP” – unmasked

11 November 2015

It seems difficult to believe that the US would happily allow the EU to dictate the rules of TTIP by agreeing to Europe’s higher environmental and food safety standards. Unpicking the European Commission's reassuring narrative about TTIP shows some fundamental flaws in logic.

Twenty years on, Ken Saro-Wiwa's legacy echoes from the grassroots to the United Nations

10 November 2015

Ken Saro-Wiwa belonged to that rare but wonderful category of poet-writer turned non-violent resistance leader. And like too many non-violent resistance leaders, he was executed by the people whose interests he challenged. Today is the twentieth anniversary of his execution in his motherland, Nigeria.

How TTIP threatens to trade away Scotland's democratic powers – and how we’re determined to stop it

05 November 2015

The UK government, in its support for TTIP, is negotiating away Scotland's power to protect its natural heritage, its public services, the health of its people and more.  But as we are increasingly seeing, the people of Scotland are not ready to stand by and let them do it.

Canada is the most sued country in the ‘developed’ world, and that should sound alarm bells in the EU

30 October 2015

Several weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people across Europe and the UK marched to protest the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a massive planned new trade deal between Europe and the US.

Take a stand against betting on hunger… again

30 October 2015

Lady Luck, roulette wheels, gamblers anonymous – just some of the creative ways we used to show how banks were betting on hunger. Our campaign won new rules to tackle the extremes of financial speculation on the most basic of needs. But now almost two years later, the European measures that were agreed are now at risk of being severely watered down.