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German energy co-op takes on big energy in the UK

International resistance is building against another nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. German sustainable energy cooperative EWS (Elektrizitätswerk Schönau) is taking on Electricité de France (EDF). In a fight against large corporate controlled energy and unfair subsidies EWS has lodged a formal complaint against the UK government’s subsidy of Hinkley, with the EU Commission.

2014: a year in review

23 December 2014

What a year it's been. We started the year with a big win for our food speculation campaign and continued the year with protests against coal-sponsoring banks and two days of action against the EU-US trade deal (TTIP). A massive thanks to everyone who have helped us make all this possible!

Crisis point for TTIP as Cameron is summoned to Brussels by Big Business

18 December 2014

Cameron is meeting in Brussels today alongside other European heads of state in a meeting convened by the Confederation for British Industry (CBI).

TTIP: a recipe for disaster

17 December 2014

5 reasons why the EU-US trade deal could put you off your dinner.

Campaigners keep up fight to stop Bangladesh coal mine

12 December 2014

This week we found ourselves back outside the AGM of London based mining company GCM Resources again to stand in solidarity with our friends from Bangladesh who are campaigning to stop the proposed opening of an open-pit mine by GCM in Phulbari, Bangladesh.

2014: International year of family farming

11 December 2014

Family farmers hold the key to global food security, but they need support to combat the agribusiness big boys.

The land is ours

10 December 2014

This week the Scottish Land Action Movement launched and added itself to a growing global movement of activists, small-scale farmers, landless workers, indigenous communities and many others all working to shift control of land from the hands of the few to the hands of the many.

Taking action on TTIP - how can we put pressure on politicians? Impressions from the Turning the Tide event

05 December 2014

On Monday evening I attended a workshop organised by WDM aimed at building the skills and knowledge of people who want to lobby their MPs and MEPs to stop TTIP. Speakers included MPs Zac Goldsmith, Geraint Davies, Andrew George, MEP Jean Lambert and Polly Jones of WDM.

An invitation to take the #noTTIP Train to Brussels

05 December 2014

We’re block booking seats on Eurostar, arranging accommodation, a walking tour of the corporate and lobbying villains of Brussels, a protest at the European Parliament and a chance for you to meet your MEP and tell them direct your feelings about TTIP.

Scaling up seed sovereignty

04 December 2014

At a time when seed corporations are pressuring African governments to pass new laws which will create legally-binding seed monopolies (as in Ghana), it is critical that our campaigning efforts are directed at stopping these ‘Monsanto laws’ as well as supporting the alternatives to them.

We did it! One million signed the TTIP petition

04 December 2014

One million voices are now raised against TTIP throughout Europe!

What are your MP's pressure points on TTIP? A report back from Westminster

03 December 2014

When 150 people decide to make a nuisance of themselves to their MPs, it can be a powerful thing. When a cross party panel of MPs tell them the best issues and tactics to approach others in their own parties, it gives them even more clout.