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Ten reasons why the Canada-EU trade deal (CETA) must be stopped

17 November 2016

Here’s ten reasons why you should be seriously concerned about CETA, and why you might want to email your MEP about it.

Toxic trade deals like TTIP have given Trump oxygen – we can defeat them both

16 November 2016

Corporate trade deals like the US-EU agreement TTIP have been cynically exploited by Donald Trump to win the presidency of the United States. He has used those deals to show that the political system has been corrupted by big business. But Donald Trump will not stop this corporate corruption – he will make it far worse.

Manchester ignores CETA’s destructive force over local democracy

12 November 2016

On Thursday Manchester City Council decided to reject our TTIP/CETA Free Zone, despite the fact that these deals could seriously undermine the additional powers that the region is pushing for under devolution. 

No one is fooled! The private security trade fair disguised as a social justice forum

11 November 2016

Europe’s security industry is gathering in London for a two-day summit next week. The event, hosted at the Tower of London, is trying to use a guise of promoting progressive reforms and improving care for people in detention facilities or the prison system, but a closer look at the agenda and list of participants reveals that it is really about how to make more money out of peoples’ misery.

Syria: the self-interested meddling of foreign states has created a generation-long war

11 November 2016

As we have watched the terrible bombing of Aleppo in recent weeks it has become clear that international rules, designed to limit suffering during conflict, have been blatantly and consistently violated. The longer this terrible conflict continues, the more likely it is that those rules will be discarded forever.

Nine quotes of hope in the face of US election despair

09 November 2016

It’s been a pretty dreadful day. It’s dreadful in the abstract for those of us living outside of the US, much more concretely dreadful for those within the USA, and worst of all for the visible migrants, Mexicans, Muslims, queers, and people of colour who will now be facing a wave of enabled hatred and violence in the wake of Trump’s racist victory.

Trump can only be beaten by a fairer economy and a better society

09 November 2016

We have woken up this morning to the most shocking news. An extreme nationalist has won the US presidential election on a campaign filled with racism, misogyny and hatred.

What does Brexit mean for global justice campaigning?

08 November 2016

We are living through the biggest political event in Britain in 70 years. The need for change has never been more necessary in order to combat the threats we face or to seize the opportunities this uncertain situation presents. But Brexit also means we must rethink our campaigns to make us more relevant to a country facing a deeply uncertain period.

Stopping the new planned detention centre near Glasgow

07 November 2016

The UK Home Office plans to build a new Detention Centre in Renfrewshire, next to Glasgow airport. The Conservative government's proposal has been met with widespread criticism from human rights charities and members of the Scottish government, as well as fierce opposition from communities in Paisley and Glasgow.

From Bangladesh to Brazil, how do big companies keep getting away with it?

01 November 2016

Last week I went to Geneva to follow the negotiations of a new international treaty to hold corporations acocuntable for their human rights abuses. Here's some of what I learned:

Building a big inspiring food sovereignty movement

01 November 2016

We're back from the the Nyéléni food sovereignty forum in Romania, where we had the opportunity to meet with other activists, campaigners and producers to build a big inspiring movement across Europe. Here are the main highlights from the forum.

CETA is back from the dead - but it's not over yet

31 October 2016

There was a huge amount of EU tub-thumping yesterday (30 October), as the EU and Canadian summit happened in a very rushed manner and the CETA* deal was signed by Justin Trudeau and Jean-Claude Juncker. The media have presented the signing as the end of the journey for CETA saying that it’s time for everyone to accept this trade deal as finalised.