The 2018 London bucket list: 5 events you don't want to miss

02 January 2018

From film screenings to protests, dance performances and art exhibitions, here’s a list of unmissable events to kick off your 2018. Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below.

1. London Short Film Festival: Radical Softness

13 January

The London Short Film Festival is back for its 15th year from 12-21 January to showcase UK independent films and filmmakers from the fringes. A double-screening on 13 January will be exploring on the idea of 'radical softness' - "the power in being both abrasively feminine and openly vulnerable, subverting emotion from weakness to strength - through a radically soft camera and Hammer and Strand’s specifically haptic [multisensory] modes of filmmaking." Definitely worth a go.

Tickets are available on the LSSF website

2. Trade Bill Takedown

5-6 February

We've joined forces with War on Want to bring you a two-day mobilisation event that will help strengthen the movement for trade democracy. On 5-6 February activists from all across the UK will be gathering in London to take part in walking tours, public meetings, protests and a mass lobby of MPs.

Why join? Because the Trade Bill is passing through parliament soon, and as it stands, it gives parliament very few powers over trade negotiations. We urgently need to call on our MPs to vote to amend the Trade Bill, insisting on proper parliamentary scrutiny of trade deals and ensuring that there is a decent public consultation process in place.

 Register for free to let us know if you can make it, and we will send you more details closer to the event.


3. Protest Trump's visit

26-27 February, London

On 26-27 February thousands of people will be joining a protest against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, organized by the Stop Trump coalition. People will be gathering in front of the US embassy in London and then moving to Downing Street to send an important message: Trump and his politics are not welcome here. Join in and help make this the biggest protest of the year.

Learn more and RSVP on the Facebook event page 

4. Women in Activism Film Festival: The Amazing Nina Simone

9 March

The Women in Activism Film Festival is a series of screenings and events organised by Black History Studies to pay tribute to black women in activism – a great way to celebrate International Women's Day. On 9 March it will be the turn of 'The Amazing Nina Simone,’ by Jeff L. Lieberman. The film explores the life of the extraordinary artist and activist and her journey to stardom in the context of the 1960’s fight for racial equality. 

Book your ticket here

5. Windrush: Movement of the people

26-28 April

A new dance production by Phoenix Dance Theatre celebrates the 70th anniversary of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush that brought the first generation of Caribbean migrants to the UK. Here's a little preview of what to expect.

Book your ticket here


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