How two of our supporters (almost) inspired me to run a marathon

05 January 2016

“If I can just make it up that hill…” I thought, gasping for air on a cold January morning. I did make it to the top but it’s safe to say, I wasn’t very fit. I had struggled to run just 3k and in a few months I was going to participate in a 10k charity run. “I’ll never make New Year’s resolutions again”, I promised myself as I walked home.

I’m the first to admit that I wasn’t always keen on hitting the treadmill at the gym at 8am on Monday mornings. But as time went on, I did come to enjoy it. The sense of achievement and new found energy made it all worthwhile in the end.  And as I passed the finishing line in London’s Regents Park a few months later, I was already thinking about my next challenge.

But of course it’s not only about the personal goals and resolutions. It’s also about making a difference by supporting a cause you believe in with vital funds. To be honest, I can’t think of a better motivation for slipping into those running trainers on a Sunday morning.

Here we are again. January - that time of the year for planning new adventures. And I need only look to our supporters to be inspired.

Steve Rolfe and Anders Lustgarten have already signed up to run the Brighton Marathon for Global Justice Now. They are each raising a fantastic £500 for our work challenging injustice. You can support their admirable efforts and Global Justice Now’s campaigns by making a donation on their fundraising pages.

You can also help our runners reach the finishing line on 17 April by joining our dedicated cheering squad. We’ll provide the banners and you can bring the enthusiasm.  Just get in touch with me for more information and I’ll be happy to help.

While our brave marathon runners are getting ready for April, I’m yet to decide on my challenges for 2016. Perhaps I’ll save the marathon for next year. But there are lots of other fun challenges to consider: a cycle to Paris, a picturesque trek in Scotland or a quiz down the pub.  

Whatever your New Year’s resolution might be (even if it’s not having one), I wish you the best of luck in 2016. And who knows, maybe we’ll pass each other on that cold winter morning both thinking “if I can just make it up that hill…”?



Liam Fox thinks it’s all over and absolute power over trade deals is his. Not yet, Sonny Jim

19 July 2018

He thinks he’s done it. The relief on Liam Fox’s face after his government survived a series of votes on his beloved Trade Bill relatively unscathed was clear.

If this really was all over he would have reasons to be happy. After all, as things stand the Trade Bill gives him truly intoxicating amounts of power.

We came in our thousands to stand up to Trump. Now let’s tackle the root causes of Trumpism

16 July 2018

Friday was the most exciting demonstration I’ve been to for a decade. 250,000 of us stood up to the divisive, bigoted, climate-change-denying policies of Donald Trump. It was the biggest protest against Trump outside the US to date, which made international headlines.

This is how the Big Four accountants water down EU tax avoidance rules

10 July 2018

We pay our taxes. So why don’t corporations? Billions of euros are lost each year due to corporate tax avoidance, depriving public budgets of much-needed resources to fund education, health care, social services, and much more.