Stop the Great Nature Sale

21 November 2013

During the next 2 days, the UN is hosting an international conference in Edinburgh to put a price on nature.

Under the guise of sustainability, big business wants to turn air, water and biodiversity into commodities that can be traded for profit. This will result in increased exploitation of natural resources instead of protecting them.

You can help us make sure that make sure that the delegates at the conference hear loud and clear that nature is #notforsale.

Please join our twitterstorm by choosing one of the tweets below and clicking tweet.

Hi @NatCapForum stop selling off our nature to bankers and CEOs #natcap13 #notforsale

Hi @NatCapForum our forests are #notforsale. They belong to the people not the banks #natcap13

Hi @NatCapForum stop green washing big business. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

Stop green washing companies and banks @NatCapForum. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

#natcap13 is surrendering conservation decisions to bankers and CEOs. @NatCapForum our nature is #notforsale

#natcap13 is an attempt to sell of nature under the guise of sustainability. @NatCapForum nature is #notforsale

Trees are for life, not for money. @NatCapForum don’t give control of our forests to the banks. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

Stop @NatCapForum from giving bankers and CEO the control of our forests. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

Nature is #notforsale. @ NatCapForum stop pushing corporate control of nature #natcap13

Stop @NatCapForum from turning nature into profit. Nature is for everyone, not for bankers #natcap13 #notforsale

Stop @NatCapForum selling nature to banks under the guise of sustainability. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

.@NatCapForum is turning forests into profit for big business. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

We want a sustainable future, not corporate control of nature. @NatCapForum nature is #notforsale #natcap13

Nature is #notforsale @NatCapForum. The oceans belong to everyone, not big business #natcap13

.@NatCapforum natural capital will make profit for big business, not protect natural environments. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13

#natcap13 turning nature into capital will result in increased exploitation of natural resources instead of protecting them #notforsale

.@NatCapforum is selling nature to big business at #natcap13. They need to be stopped. Nature is #notforsale

.@NatCapforum natural capital will make our forests into property of big business. Nature is #notforsale #natcap13



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