Use our 'subvertised' Rio+20 logos!

29 May 2012

The Rio+20 conference on sustainable development taking place at the end of June 2012 bills itself as an opportunity for people to come together to "shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection". Sounds great, but here at the World Development Movement we're a bit sceptical about some of these claims (to say the least). I suspect some of you are too. 

As we've shown in our recent work on the green economy, the "sustainable development" agenda that is likely to be agreed at Rio+20 actually looks more like a 'Trojan horse for bankers' than true economic and environmental justice. 

So we had some fun with the Rio+20 logo to make it better reflect that. Feel free to use these wherever you want. (To download them, just right-click and choose 'save as').

Rio+20: Selling off the world's land, air and water to the financial industry


Rio+20: Selling off the commons to the highest bidder


Rio+20: Hiding more privatisation by using green language


Rio+20: Handing over the global commons to the financial sector



Ditching free movement is more likely to lower British workers pay

21 September 2017

Our friends at Another Europe is Possible have issued a new report today, which suggests that ditching EU free movement rules will be bad for British workers. We agree – and think the same arguments apply globally.

Three things we’ll be chanting at the arms fair

06 September 2017

On Thursday 7 September, staff and activists from Global Justice Now will be joining the Stop the Arms Fair campaign and other groups in trying to stop the setup of the DSEI arms fair - a big business event showcasing the latest in weapons of war and murderous technologies.

Hurricane Harvey: Shh don't mention the 'c' word!

How do we show solidarity with people who have lost their homes and worse after extreme weather exacaberated by climate change this summer? And how do we stand up to Trump and his climate-denying administration? In Scotland, a strong climate bill that takes the Paris climate accord commitments seriously, is a small way in which we can begin to challenge the neo-liberal vision of the current US President.