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Will the Paris climate talks be a COP of the crops?

06 October 2015

Tackling carbon emissions from agriculture from farming isn't even on the table at the UN climate talks in December. It ought to be, and it's big agribusiness that's at the heart of the problem.

Nine thoughts on the TPP agreement being reached today

05 October 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the biggest trade deal in a generation and part of the same 'new generation' of trade deals as TTIP. Its primary purpose is to rewrite global economic rules in favour of capital. But it’s not over and we shouldn’t lose hope.

Deregulation of finance takes off again

Civil society groups denounce the Commission's plan for a Capital Markets Union. No lesson has been learnt from the financial crisis, they say.

Lisa Nandy’s vision of energy democracy isn’t idealism – it’s already starting to happen

29 September 2015

A bold and refreshing vision for the UK’s energy future was spelled out this morning by Lisa Nandy, the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, at the Labour party conference. It wasn’t only about her commitment to clean energy -  she spoke of Labour’s plans to “democratise [energy]” in Britain, by putting “people back in charge”. 

Open the borders: reflections on a solidarity trip to Calais

29 September 2015

Before I visited Calais last week, I thought I had a good understanding of the refugee crisis. But after meeting the people living there, I realised just how much I've been influenced by media stereotypes.

The UN development goals miss the point – it’s all about power

25 September 2015

Not many people enjoy the existence of poverty. Some think it’s inevitable, others that tackling it is politically impossible. But for those with ambition, an end to poverty is a worthy enough goal.

Is COP21 a con?

22 September 2015

Given past experience of UN climate talks, it's unrealistic to expect the talks in Paris this December to deliver what's needed to stop runaway climate change. But that needn't stop us asking some searching questions about what we need to do here in the UK to make a difference.

Jeremy Corbyn – and making the impossible, inevitable

18 September 2015

There are times when politics is turned on its head. In these times, what were previously considered radical ideas become mainstream. What was once regarded as set in stone, suddenly becomes fluid.

How not to reach a compromise on corporate courts

18 September 2015

CecIlia Malmström, Europe’s trade commissioner, gave a powerful demonstration of how not to reach a compromise this week.

After a relentless campaign from millions of Europeans against TTIP, CETA and their provision for investor protection, Ms Malmström and her assistants drew up what she hoped would be the end to the complaints. It achieved nothing of the sort.

Your messages to David Cameron telling him we welcome refugees, not arms dealers

14 September 2015
Today, London is opening its doors to the global arms trade. DSEI, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs, starts today in London’s Excel. Instead of welcoming refugees, our government is welcoming arms dealers - the very people who are fuelling and profiting from the current refugee crisis

How we are tackling climate change by taking over the British Museum

You might think that the British Museum is a strange place for climate activists to focus some of their energies, but today myself and numerous different groups are carrying out a series of creative interventions in various parts of the building because British Museum is endorsing what BP (and other fossil companies) are doing to prevent meaningful action on climate change.

Probably the most popular tax in the world

11 September 2015

Today is a watershed moment in our campaign: over a million actions have been taken calling for a Robin Hood Tax. This huge groundswell of support is the latest signal to politicians the world over that we demand banks pay their fair share to help those hit hardest by their crisis. With the explosion in high-frequency trading (and the recent volatility of the financial markets), the need to tax these financial transactions - the same sort that helped cause and exacerbate the crisis - has never been greater.