Become a regional organiser

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This is an exciting opportunity to be part of Global Justice Now’s democratic activist structure. Area reps are a key part of the organisation, providing a communication channel between groups and staff in the Global Justice Now offices; and representing the activists’ views and interests.

The job of an area rep is to help support groups in their region and represent the views of those groups in the wider Global Justice Now structures. Being a rep involves connecting groups in the same region; and sometimes helping to co-ordinate shared regional campaigning, such as joint lobbying, direct action, regional events or skillshares.

To find out more or express your interest, call 020 7820 4900 and ask for James, or email

The role is relatively flexible, but other elements of it could include (depending on the skills, interests and availability of individual reps)

  • Helping groups develop websites and social media
  • Organising events and actions
  • Regional research (e.g. non-Global Justice Now events which groups could get involved in)
  • Facilitating skillshares
  • Helping to inspire new activists and retain old ones
  • Writing regional newsletters
  • Networking and alliance-building
  • Passing on information about resources available from the office

What we can offer you

  • Training in activist skills and campaign knowledge
  • Support from the activism team
  • Expenses for travel, including to national events
  • A chance for you to have a say in where we campaign and what actions we do
  • Opportunities to go on international protests and mobilisations

Time requirements

  • Around 5 hours a month, plus additional time at the rep’s initiative
  • Two phone or Skype meetings and two face-to-face meetings per year (at least one of which will be in London)

Current vacancies

  • We currently require an organiser/area rep in three regions: London; the South West; the North East (including Yorkshire).
  • Although we have reps for the remaining regions (Wales; Scotland; the East Midlands; the West Midlands; Chilterns and East Anglia, the South East and the North West), if you are interested in taking on some regional responsibilities here, please do get in touch too as there's always plenty to do.