Global Justice Now is made up of a network of activists and local groups - people like you who take action in their communities to challenge corporate power and the policies that cause poverty and inequality all over the world.

Whether it’s stopping water privatisation or unfair trade deals, campaigning by our local groups has been central to making sure the interests of ordinary people aren’t trampled by those of corporations.

Global Justice Now groups do creative street campaigning, lobby politicians, get media coverage and organise local events such as film screenings and talks.


Contact a local group

Find local group websites or get in touch with your nearest group via our activism team.


Activist resources

Everything you need for successful local campaigning, including briefings on activist skills.

Global Justice Now Youth Network

Youth network 

Get involved in Global Justice Now’s new youth activism network to learn, share ideas and take action.

Think Global

Think Global

Every month our newsletter for groups and activists provides in-depth campaign updates, as well as events and developments in wider movements for social justice.