The toxic EU/Canada trade deal (CETA), has been signed, but we still have time to stop it. Ask your members of European parliament to stop it.

Break the climate of hate

Hate towards migrants and refugees fills the headlines. And inhumane government policies are stoking mistrust, with devastating effects. Help us stop the demonisation of people from ‘elsewhere’.


Seven things the government did in 2016 to devastate the lives of migrants and refugees

02 December 2016

If there is one issue that defines 2016, it is the issue of immigration. This has been the year of the anti-migrant headline. We’ve been warned of “migrant invasions” and even been told that migrants are to blame for the country’s housing crisis.

The hustles in Brussels – MEPs vote to block legal scrutiny of toxic trade deal

23 November 2016

One of the most controversial aspects of the toxic trade deals being pushed by the EU is the system of corporate courts.

Ten reasons why the Canada-EU trade deal (CETA) must be stopped

17 November 2016

Here’s ten reasons why you should be seriously concerned about CETA, and why you might want to email your MEP about it.

Latest news

Aid campaigners have accused DfID and the government of ‘inviting scandal’ by trying to divert billions of pounds more of UK aid money through its private equity arm despite repeated criticisms that it hasn’t been able to demonstrate its development impact. The accusations are made in a new briefing that has been submitted to members of the Bill Committee who are currently considering the government plans.

This confirms our fears that Britain’s post-Brexit foreign policy will be modelled on putting the narrow self-interest of big business ahead of decent jobs, human rights, environmental protection or building a fair society here in Britain. The delusions of empire on which the government is basing its rhetoric is simply disguising the fact that most people in Britain didn’t vote for policies like this.

A new briefing outlines a gradually emerging picture of what kind of policies the current government is likely to pursue in a post-Brexit world, gleaned from a series of speeches, interviews and meetings of senior political and military figures.


Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ

Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ

Come and hear Global Justice Now director, Nick Dearden, speak about economic drivers of climate change and its impacts.


A question time event on CETA with MEPs* as the final vote approaches

With Mark Dearn, War on Want trade campaigner

When: Saturday 7 January 2017, 2.30pm - 4pm

Where: Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Charles Wilson Building, Kelvin Way, Glasgow G12 8QQ

A special one day event with the Radical Independence Campaign, looking at how we can free ourselves from the power of big business

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