Stop aid for privatisation

In Nigeria, where only half have access to electricity, the UK government is spending £100 million of its aid budget supporting the privatisation of its electricity system

Stop the Colombian coal mine river diversion

The Cerrejón coal mine has already forcibly relocated 1000s. Now the mine wants to divert one of the area's few rivers to access more coal - one of the main sources of water


So TTIP won’t stop public services being run in the interests of ordinary people? Tell that to Argentina

16 April 2015

Another week, another victory for big business over a government in a secret pseudo-court. This time it’s the turn of private water giant Suez, who successfully sued Argentina for reversing the privatisation of Buenos Aires's water supply.

Fast food and the movement for food sovereignty

14 April 2015

When you think of food sovereignty your mind often gets drawn to the rural; small-scale farmers, community gardens, allotments and ecological growing practices. All this is true. But if we in the post industrialised UK are ever to achieve food sovereignty we also need decent livelihoods as part of decent food systems in our cities.

Why the Daily Mail is right that aid money is wasted, but wrong that we must reduce it

13 April 2015

The Daily Mail is right to be scandalised that more than £1 billion of the aid budget ends up in British and American private consultancy firms. But for Global Justice Now, our solution is quite different from that put forward by the Mail.

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Over two hundred people, including Vivienne Westwood took part in protests against the controversial EU-USA free trade deal TTIP in central London today.

On Shepherds Bush common protesters heard short speeches from speakers including Vivienne Westwood and Jean Lambert MEP, before going on to stage creative interventions at nearby KFC, a BP petrol station, and a Virgin shop in the nearby Westfield Shopping Centre.

On Saturday hundreds of protesters are expected to congregate on Shepherds Bush Common to take part in creative demonstrations and actions targeting the controversial trade deal between the EU and the USA – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

This weekend a broad coalition of fourteen Scottish-based organisations will formally begin work together to oppose the controversial EU-US trade agreement TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Launching as the ‘Scotland Against TTIP’ coalition at an event in Glasgow on Saturday 11 April, the organisations and their members will actively oppose TTIP which they say threatens public services, progressive legislation and democracy in Scotland.


Greenfish, 46-50 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE at 12pm

People of Manchester - we need you! 

In solidarity with the international day of action against TTIP, that is taking place all over Europe and the US, we are going to do an awareness-raising flashmob in the centre of Manchester. 


There will be a series of actions throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Find out about the nearest event to you on this map, or add your own/

Shepherd’s Bush Common, London. From 12pm (noon)

At its heart, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is an assault on democracy. So, on the international day of action on 18 April, we are responding to this corporate power grab through enacting democracy ourselves – let this be our Day of Dissent!

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