Make the UK a TTIP Free Zone

Fight TTIP at a local level - find out if your council has voted against TTIP

End support of failed aid projects now

Demand the UK ends its support for the corporate takeover of Africa’s food


Are dogs and fences really the answer to the migrant "crisis"?

31 July 2015

Today David Cameron announced that additional security personnel, sniffer dogs and fences will be sent to Calais to stop “migrants” from entering the UK. He couldn’t be more wrong in his approach. We need to address the conditions forcing people to migrate, not build more fences and walls.

Of islands and ghost towns: Here and no further for Germany's lignite mines

A friend of mine recently told me about her visit to a small village in Germany’s Rhineland, some 50 kilometres from Cologne. It was a beautiful summer’s day and she took a walk enjoying the peace and rural bliss around Holzweiler until a voice shouted, “I wouldn’t go there!” A man walking his dog approached. “It’s a ghost town! There’s only a few souls out there.”

Changing the world, one weekend at a time

24 July 2015

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, especially in London where months slip away with little change. And then, from time to time, you step into the unknown and suddenly just three days away can have a profound effect.

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Our response to the deal with Greece being reached over the debt crisis.

Last night activists from Global Justice Now and Jubilee Debt Campaign projected “Cancel Greek Debt” in giant letters against the German embassy in West London, below a a mock-up of German Chancellor Angela Merkel  as the three wise monkeys (‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’). The series of projections also included a the slogan “OXI – no to Debt and Austerity.”

Campaigners have expressed dismay today that the European Parliament ignored the voice of millions of European citizens to express a positive opinion on TTIP (the US-EU trade deal). After angry scenes in Strasburg in which MEPs accused Parliamentary president Martin Schulz of “shredding the rules of procedure”, several much fought amendments were not voted on.



Global Justice Now talks with the Haiti Support Group and a Scottish organic farmer about TTIP at the Edinburgh festival


Four days after the end of the European Citizens' Initiative on 6 October, there is another international day of action against TTIP. More details soon

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