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Five things to look forward at the Paris COP

We’ve always argued that we need to look beyond the negotiations towards building a stronger grassroots movement against climate change. It is not the conference outcome that is important, it’s the chance to add to this movement and take part in some of the important and useful events organised over the two weeks in Paris. Below are a few of the things that we’re looking forward to.

The Paris attacks make climate protests more important than ever

18 November 2015

It will be deeply ironic if climate activists from around the world are among the first to fall foul of France's emergency powers. Of course, those campaigners have nothing to do with the brutal attacks on Paris last Friday night. On the contrary, they will challenge the unequal, unsustainable and militaristic policies on which terrorism has thrived.

Food speculation rules face delay

16 November 2015

The financial press was buzzing last week with reports that the high profile EU legislation to tackle the financial crisis of 2007-8 is at risk of being delayed. This legislation was passed at the beginning of 2014 and thanks to public campaigning here in the UK and across Europe, includes provisions to tackle reckless betting on food prices.

Latest news

Today, a European parliament hearing will scrutinise the controversial aid initiative, the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. The New Alliance has been widely criticised by civil society organisations across Europe for facilitating the grabbing of land and other natural resources, accelerating seed privatisation and undermining small-scale famers and their right to adequate food and nutrition.

An international coalition of NGOs, civil society groups and political figures such as Naomi Klein and Susan George have called on the French president to lift the ban on protests during the COP 21 climate talks in Paris, which is due to start on the 30 November.

Edinburgh is hosting the World Forum on Natural Capital. The conference is premised on the belief that financial markets can help protect limited natural resources, but campaigners say it will simply lead to speculators trading environmental ‘services’ for profit.

Previous attempts to create markets in forests and carbon have failed to prevent deforestation or reduce carbon emissions, and financial speculation on commodities has caused price spikes in basic food staples, the campaigners warn.


Corner of Horse Guards Road and Birdcage Walk, London

Join Students Against TTIP at 4pm on 5 December for an anti-TTIP Christmas Carolling action! Come along if you want to get creative in our battle against these shady deals.


The UN climate negotiations will happen in Paris in November and early December, and show no sign of being less dominated by corporate interests than the last ones.


As the second largest marathon in the UK, the increasingly popular Brighton Marathon is renowned for its buzzing atmosphere.The Brighton Marathon will take you through the vibrant city, past iconic scenery and finish off at the beach.

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