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Industrialising African agriculture to help the poor? Some myths exposed

08 February 2016

A farming revolution is being driven in Africa and is affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of rural African families. A magic formula has been devised with ambitions to modernise their agriculture, raise their incomes, develop their countries’ economies and (so the logic goes) to eliminate their hunger and poverty.

A food system for the people by the people

05 February 2016

A tax on chemical fertilisers? Subsidies for farms under 5 hectares? Putting food growing on the national curriculum? Start up funds for food cooperatives? A living wage for fast food workers? Land reform?

Farmers return to their land in Nigeria following land grab

04 February 2016

Farmers from the Gassol community in Nigeria are cautiously returning to their land which was the subject of a land grab last year. Once again, they can access the public water system, continue traditional grazing practices and produce food for themselves and for their local community.

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A controversial, far reaching trade agreement that critics call a ‘turbo-charged privatisation pact’ is set to be debated in the European Parliament in Strasbourg next week. Warning that the deal will be a ‘nail in the coffin’ of public services around the world, campaigners have called on MEPs to reject the agreement.

A Canadian newspaper has reported that the EU ambassador to Canada has said in an interview that the free trade deal between the EU and Canada (CETA) will be presented to the EU parliament for ratification in mid 2016, with a view to the deal becoming law in early 2017.

The Canadian broadcaster CBC this morning reported that the “EU quietly asks Canada to rework trade deal's thorny investment clause.”  The CBC report speculates that the free trade deal "risks a humiliating defeat on a ratification vote expected at the EU's parliament in Brussels this fall, unless a compromise can be reached to appease moderate opponents." The free trade deal between Canada and the EU (CETA)  was agreed on by both parties in September 2014,


Hinde Street Methodist Church, London

As part of the 2016 Hugh Price Hughes lectures, Global Justice Now's Polly Jones will discuss "Think globally, act locally".

With so much poverty, inequality and injustice on our doorstep, should we also be trying to address these issues around the world?


As the second largest marathon in the UK, the increasingly popular Brighton Marathon is renowned for its buzzing atmosphere.The Brighton Marathon will take you through the vibrant city, past iconic scenery and finish off at the beach.

Tapeley Park, Instow, North Devon

A weekend of politics, culture and fun, with great speakers, live music and DJs.

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