Calling time on corporate crime

Too often big businesses get away with their crimes. Ask the UK government to support the UN process to introduce internationally binding regulation of corporations.

Stop Bayer's takeover of Monsanto

A soon-to-be-born mega-agribusiness is set to control the world's food system. But we can still stop this. Please call on anti-competition regulators to prevent this.


Labour is now opposing toxic trade deals, but what sort of trade do we want?

28 September 2016

Trade is always about power. That’s why, in post-Brexit Britain, our trading relationships will be the most important question we face. These relationships will in effect embed our new constitution, detailing how we approach issues like immigration, food policy, finance and public services.

TTIP may be dead, but we’re still facing TITP by the back door

28 September 2016

The architects of the current wave of trade deals have embarked on a desperate ploy to salvage something from the death of their flagship treaty. Sacrificing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP in order to get CETA (the close relation of TTIP, a deal between the EU and Canada) agreed was always going to be a risky strategy.

UK aid money needs to stop going to 'unhealthy development'

27 September 2016

Global Justice Now is right to demand that the UK’s aid budget should benefit the world’s poorest, not big business.

Latest news

Global Justice Now welcomes the announcement of the Just Trade policy by shadow trade secretary Barry Gardiner MP at Labour Party conference this morning. Nick Dearden, the director of Global Justice Now said:
"We are delighted that Labour agrees with us that the toxic trade deals TTIP and CETA are an affront to our democracy and dignity. We also agree that the government's desire to join the secret TISA deal is about giving more power to the world's oligarchs

A new briefing released today has outlined a series of ‘Brexit Red Lines’ that MPs should support if the UK’s exit from the EU is to happen on the most progressive terms possible.

The death of TTIP is a victory for the ordinary people across Europe who stood alongside trade unions, civil society groups, activists and consumer watchdogs to prevent this massive corporate power grab.


Open School East, London N1 5SQ

Demand the Impossible is an evening course for young people about political ideas and activism, starting October 2016. Organised by Global Justice Now and the Critical Education Project. 


Edinburgh University, Old Infirmary Building, Lecture Room 2.01

Film screening and discussion. A fascinating documentary film comparing land issues in Brazil and Scotland

London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol

Photos and testimony from the battle against global food corporations

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Labour is now opposing toxic trade deals, but what sort of trade do we want, writes
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